Oct 24, 2011

Ashta Bairavar - aaraglur - Remedy for all problems

Kasi is so famous for bairavar worship and ashta bairavar can be found and worshipped  in kasi as it is extremely beneficial. For south indian people, travelling to kasi is not that easy.For those who want to worship ashta bairavar in one place in south india, a temple serves as a boon.The temple is called kamanada eswarar temple.It is situated in Aaragalur , near thalaivasal in salem district of Tamilnadu.

Every ashtami after full moon special pooja is done at midnight in aaragalur.People worship ashtabairavar here for all problems to get easy remedy.

Ashta bairavars are
  1. unmattar
  2. ruruvar
  3. krodhanar
  4. kalasamharar
  5. sandar
  6. ajithangar
  7. beeshana bairavar
  8. kalabairavar 

http://www.tamilhindu.net/t1545-topic  - click for more details

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  1. this my native temple.. all problems is solve at this temple once invet

  2. My native place...konerirajapuram. ..world biggest and suyambu natarajar ஐம்புலன் சிலை
    More details visit website



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