Remedies offered by Sri Bairavar

Bairavar is the controller of Navagragas and have the power of reducing the ill effects if one person offers proper prayers to lord bairavar during his bad periods.A list of remedies is given here for various problems. win in court case in your favour

  During pradosham, especially sani pradosham, after pradosha pooja is over one has to offer curd rice to sri kalabairavar and make an archana in his name.Then he has to distribute the curd rice to people who are in temple.The curd rice should be offered until the case is completed. remove obstacles to get married

During ragu period on friday's (10.30 am to 12.00pm) lord bairavar should be offered santhana kappu, punugu, lotus flower along with kesari, sarkarai pongal and should do archana in his name.The method should be followed up to 8 or 17 or 26 friday's, get reunion

During wednesday and friday's morning 6-7 or afternoon 2-3 or night 8-9 lord bairavar one should  offer vilva mala and archanai.This should be done upto reunion of separated couples. get lost assets

Before lord bairavar , 27 milagu should be tied in a small cloth and should be kept in agal vilaku(liitle pot used for worship). nalla ennai(an oil preferred for worship) should be poured in to agal vilaku  and archanai should be done on his/her name till the retrival of lost assets. get rich

During sunday's in ragu kalam(4.30 pm to 6.00 pm) bairvar should be offered ulundu vadai with poosanikai.Sri swarna agarshana bairavar moola mantra should be recited 330 times for 52 sundays.


  1. to improve in education and success in exam what should offer to kala bhairava and right time to pray?

  2. What color cloth should be used to put milagu vilakku?

  3. Dear Dorairaj,
    To improve skills in education and exams you may offer Sandal (Santana Kappu) and Punugu to Bhirav and Pumpikin Halwa as Nivedya at the time of within one hour after Sunset after prayers.

  4. To succeed in my love and to get marry with my lover what pooja have to do for bhairava...

  5. Regarding the MILAGU VILAKU - can anyone say which day and what time is this to be done?


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