Sep 2, 2011

Benefits of Sahasranama archanai to Bairavar

Bairavar worship is simple and special and there are so many easy remedies for major problems in life.

For money related problems one has to do offer vilvam and other good smelled flowers and should do sahasranama archana on friday to Lord Bairavar.
For dosha  related to saturn on saturday noon one has to do sahasranaama archana to Lord Bairavar
For marriage related problems on sunday ragu period one has to do vipoothi abhishegam and sahasranama archana to Lord Bairavar
For child related problems for 6 theipirai ashtami (period after full moon) one has to do sahasranama archanai to Lord Bairavar
For lost properties one has to offer milagu in a lamp with good oil used only for worship and should do sahasranama archanai to Lord Bairavar
For getting victory over enemies one has to do abhishegam, offer javvathu, punugu, food made of ghee, honey and sahasranaama archanai to Lord Bairavar. 

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