Significance of Letters

   There are several languages that are written and spoken by people that differ according to their living place, growing environment and geolocations.There is a special thing about Tamil language, one of the official languages of india.Tamil language differs from others.Tamil langauge is made of 51 letters.When one practice kundalini yoga step by step with the help of a guru for bringing one's natural energy to a high spiritual level, sounds are produced.These sounds are described in the form of letters called Panchakkara letters.According to sithars, God resides in these letters.Tamil language is made of these 51 panchakkara letters. If one wants to get a blessing of a guru, one has to practice poem thirumanthiram daily morning. As thirumanthiram is written in tamil, which is made of panchakkara letters, it will automatically cures one's mind and body spiritually and helps to attain a higher level . So even if one speak tamil language properly it will be a good for one's mind and body.If one chant Om mantra or Rama mantra regualrly, benefits attained cannot be described in words.

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