Jul 31, 2011

Virutcha shastra - Moon dasa remedies

     Moon dasa is the dasa period that comes after Sun dasa in one's life according to astrology .If Moon is placed in 6th,8th or 12th houses in one's chart or if it is debilitated or combined with malefic planets one has to plant pavala malli (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis) according to virutcha shastra. It is called பவள மல்லி in tamil.

If Pavala malli is not available one can plant
  • Parijatham (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis)
  • Vatha narayana plant (Delonix elata)
  • Arasu along with vembu planted together

One has to note that the alternative plant should be 6 times in number if it is planted.

The pavala malli plant or parijatham plant or arasu with vembu should be planted from 6 to 7 am in moon hora during starting period of chandra dasa. Before the day of the plant little bit of paddy is immersed in water.The next day after plantation the paddy water should be served to pavalamalli plant. The paddy should be given to birds.

 One should note that one cannot destroy the tree he has planted and if it is naturally destroyed one should replace it with another plant during the particular dasa period. This rule is applicable to all dasa and bhukti and is said to be an important one according to virutcha shastra. 

Jul 29, 2011

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - Venus bhukti remedies

         In sun dasa, Venus  bhukti comes as ninth and final sub period.According to virutcha shastra,during this time period, if sun is placed in unfavorable places in one's birth chart, one has to plant Tectona grandis Linn . It is called தேக்கு மரம் in tamil.

 During this period plant has to be planted on Friday morning in public places, Temples, sides of river or garden. Before the day of the plantation, little bit of Beans  is immersed in water.The next day morning the plant should be planted  and the beans water should be given to the plant.The beans should be given to Cow.  

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - Ketu bhukti remedies

    In sun dasa, Ketu bhukti comes as eighth sub period.According to virutcha shastra,during this time period, if sun is placed in unfavorable places in one's birth chart, one has to plant Zizyphus mauritiana . It is called இலந்தை மரம்   in tamil. 

uring this period plant has to be planted on Saturday in public places, Temples, sides of river or garden. Before the day of the plantation, little bit of Horse gram  is immersed in water.The next day morning the plant should be planted  and the horse gram water should be given to the plant.The Horse gram should be given to Cow  

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - Mercury bhukti remedies

       In sun dasa, mercury bhukti comes as seventh sub period. According to virutcha shastra,during this time, if sun is placed in unfavorable places in one's birth chart, one has to plant Cocos nucifera . It is called தென்னம்பிள்ளை in tamil.

During this period plant has to be planted on Wednesday morning in public places, Temples, sides of river or garden. Before the day of the plantation, little bit of Green gram is immersed in water.The next day morning the plant should be planted  and the Green gram water should be given to the plant. The green gram should be given to Goat   

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa -Saturn bhukti remedies

   In sun dasa, saturn bhukti comes as sixth sub period.According to virutcha shastra, during this time, if sun is placed in unfavourable places in one's birth chart, one has to plant  Ficus religiosa . It is called  in அரச மரம் in  tamil.

 During this period plant has to be planted  on saturday morning in public places, Temples, sides of river or garden. Before the day of the plantation, little bit of sesame seeds is immersed in water.The next day morning the plant should be planted  and the sesame seed water should be given to the plant.The sesame seed should be given to buffalo. 

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - Jupiter bhukti remedies

   In sun dasa, Guru bhukti comes as fifth sub period. According to virutcha shastra, during this time, if sun is placed in unfavourable places in one's birth chart, one has to plant Bauhinia purpurea . It is called மந்தாரை in tamil. 

During this period plant has to be planted on Thursday morning in public places, Temples, sides of river or garden. Before the day of the plantation, little bit of  chickpeas is immersed in water.The next day morning the plant should be planted  and the chickpeas water should be given to the plant. The chickpeas should be given to 

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - Ragu bhukti remedies

       In sun dasa, Ragu bhukti comes as fourth sub period.According to virutcha shastra, during this time, if sun is placed in unfavourable places in one's birth chart, one has to plant Prosopis cineraria . It is called வன்னி மரம்  in tamil. 

During this period plant has to be planted on Tuesday in public places, Temples, sides of river or garden.Before the day of the plantation, little bit of lentils is immersed in water.The next day morning the plant should be planted  and the lentil water should be given to the plant.The lentils should be given to Cow.

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - Mars bhukti remedies

         In sun dasa, mars bhukti comes as third sub period.According to virutcha shastra, during this time, if sun is placed in unfavourable places in one's birth chart, one has to plant Azadirachta indica . It is called  வேம்பு in tamil.During this period plant has to be planted on Tuesday in public places, Temples, sides of river or garden. Before the day of the plantation, little bit of lentil is immersed in water. The next day morning the plant should be planted  and the lentil water should be given to the plant.The lentil should be given to Cow. 

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - Moon bhukti remedies

          In sun dasa, moon bhukti comes as second sub period. According to virutcha shastra, during this time, if sun is placed unfavourable places in one's birth chart, one has to plant Ficus glomerata. It is called அத்தி மரம் in tamil.

During this period plant has to be planted on Monday in public places, Temples, sides of river or garden.Before the day of the plantation, little bit of paddy is immersed in water.The next day morning the plant should be planted  and the paady water should be given to the plant. The paady should be given to Birds.

Jul 28, 2011

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - Sun bhukti remedies

        Human life is divided in to 120 years and these 120 years are divided in to 9 dasas. Each human being have his starting dasa according to his birth star.People born in stars like krithika, uthiram,uthiradam belongs to the planet sun.For every planet's dasa, the 9 planets have sub periods called as Bhukti.   

 If sun is placed in unfavourable places in one's birth chart, one is affected. virutcha shastra, an ancient science of planting particular trees in public places, Temples  that serve as remedy for every  bad dasa/bhukti.

In sun dasa, sun bhukti is the first sub period.By growing a plant called phyllanthus emblica one can prosper in life during this period.It is called நெல்லி மரம் in Tamil. First little bit of wheat is taken and immersed in water, a day before the plantation of the tree. Plantation should be done on sunday. After planting the tree, the wheat water should be offered to the tree. The wheat should be given to Birds after the plantation of the tree. 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dasha_(astrology) - link for more explanation about dasa/bhukti .      

Jul 27, 2011

Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - remedies

       For people born in stars krithika,utthiram,uthiradam  that belongs to sun will be having sun dasa as starting dasa. If sun is not in a favourable position in one's astrological chart (1,6,8 and 12), using virutcha shastra, during the sun dasa, one can rectify it by planting a particular tree called Diospyros tupru. In tamil it is called karungali (கருங்காலி).
  Before planting the tree, in a copper vessel little bit of wheat is taken with water in the previous day itself. The next day after sun rise, two karungali plants should be planted and served with wheat water prepared on the previous day. Wheat should be given to cow after planting the tree.As the plant grows by time, problems begun to disappear. 

http://www.mypanchang.com/nakshatras.html - names of stars in different languages will be published here
http://tawp.in/r/m8a - english names for trees will be found here.

Time period in indian astrology

Every human being born in this world lives for a certain amount time and indian astrology divides the time period in to  nine dasas.The time period of a human life consisting all dasa periods is 120 years. 

  •  Sun dasa - 6 years
  •  Moon dasa - 10 years
  •  Mars dasa - 7 years
  •  Ragu dasa - 18 years
  •  Jupiter dasa - 16 years
  • Saturn dasa - 19 years
  •  Mercury dasa - 17 years
  •  Ketu dasa - 7 years
  •  Venus dasa - 20 years 

Jul 26, 2011

Ram Charitha manas

 Indians have used the Ramacharita Manas of Tulasidas to ask a question and get an answer. It is an poem composed by Goswami Tulasidas . The same thing is available online now.

For PDF file of Ramacharita manas visit http://www.gitapress.org/Download_Eng_pdf.htm
For online oracle visit http://www.astrojyoti.com/ramacharitamanasprashna.htm

An excellent book about Numerology from Vikatan Publications

       Every human being  born in any one of the 31 days of a month. A book compiled by a eminent astrologer Dr K.P.Vidyatharan describes one's characteristics for every one born on 1st to 31st of any month, the effects and Temple they have to visit  for their well being.

The book is in Tamil called PIRANTHA NAAL PALANGAL (பிறந்த நாள் பலன்கள்) published by vikatan publications(www.vikatan.com).

Jul 25, 2011

Virutcha Shasthra - Arasu and Vembu

   In india, Arasu Tree (Ficus religiosa), Vembu Tree (Azadirachta indica) are the two trees  that are considered as form of god. Installation of idols  of Lord Ganesha and  sivalingam with snakes in the top as umberlla  under the  arasu tree and vembu tree which originate jointly as syambu is common.

 People in india consider this as auspicous and will come around these trees several times. Scientifically this changes the electro magnetic waves in the body of the people who come around the tree, that invokes harmones that stabilizes the body organs to make way for good child birth.Especially the air around the arasu tree is good for health.It has been said if one comes round arasu tree on saturday early morning puthira dosha is cured.

Naturally the tips of leaves of arasu tree and vembu tree are downwards helping to have more ozone in oxygen during photosynthesis.

Jul 20, 2011

Maha Periyavaa - Devotees Experiences

     Jagadguru Chandrashekarendra Saraswati Swamigal (May 20, 1894 – January 8, 1994) or the Sage of Kanchi was the 68th Jagadguru in the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. He is usually referred to as Paramacharya or MahaSwami or Maha Periyavaal.


experiences of devotees of maha periyavaa are described here.

visit sri vyakrapureeswarar temple - avoid divorce


In todays world, divorce happen is a common word used by people. Families are broken due to incompatible relationships. A visit to Sri Vyakrapureeswarar temple in perumpuliyur situated near Thiruvayaru is said to be reuniting couples who are separated.This temple is 1000 years old temple situated 16 kms away from Thanjavur in district of Tamilnadu state.Trichy is the nearest airport and Thanjavur is the nearest railway station.

http://temple.dinamalar.com/New.php?id=378 - details in tamil

http://www.shivatemples.com/nofc/nc53.php - details in english

Benefits of Rama Nama

mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation" -spiritual transformation . Their use and type varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra.

Mantras  originated in the Vedic tradition of India, later becoming an essential part of the Hindu tradition and a customary practice within Buddhism, Sikhism, and jainism. The use of mantras is now widespread throughout various spiritual movements which are based on, or off-shoots of, the practices in the earlier Eastern traditions and religions.
One of the mantras in Hinduism that comes for remedy is Rama nama.Intrested people can visit the links which are in Tamil language  for further reading.

For a practical explanation in a scientific view with anatomy of human body visit this link

Jul 19, 2011

Benefits of providing food according to your birth star

     Providing food to poor people on the day of one's birth star is said to be beneficial.It can be offered in one of the  following places.
  • Temple followed by one's ancestors (kula deivam)
  • Oldest siva temples near by home or in other places (Sathuragiri,Thiruannamalai,mount parvatha)
  • Temple situated near sea or situated in Hills (Tiruchendur,Palani)

Providing three times food for the poor people on the day of dwadisi in Thiruannamalai is extremely beneficial.

    While doing this one should strictly avoid non-vegetarian food.Food provided should be prepared from the house of devotee itself or it can be cooked in places where it is going to be served. Especially it is very beneficial   if it is done in Thiruannamalai.

Jul 18, 2011

Astrology through experience

   A blog  started by an experienced astrologer who offers free services and paid services for prediction through experience recently released his articles through www.anubavajothidam.com. Interested  people can visit it as it is soon going to be a member only website.

Jul 16, 2011

உயிர் மொழி (psycology)

Dr shalini, who is a native of Chennai, (tamilnadu,india) is a psychiatrist  had written so many books in Tamil language.notably உயிர் மொழி (uyir moli). It expalins the psycological reasons behind the problems between male and female.
 The book has 26 chapters.to read it online please go to http://linguamadarasi.blogspot.com .This book is for all people. 

Jul 14, 2011

lamps - light of our life

   In india lighting a ghee lamp is commonly seen in Temples. As sun brings Light, lighting lamps in a particular numbers will get us free from several doshas.
  1. for ragu dosha - 21 lamps
  2. for saturn dosha - 9 lamps
  3. for Guru dosha - 33 lamps
  4. for Sri durga - 9 lamps
  5. for lord siva - 11 lamps
  6. for marriage - 21 lamps
  7. for puthira dosha - 51 lamps
  8. for sarpha dosha - 48 lamps
  9. for kala sarpha dosha - 21 lamps
  10. for kalathira dosha - 108 lamps
Sesame oil or Ghee should be used for lighting lamps.4:30 to 6 AM or PM is very good time for lighting lamps as it is the bramma muhurtha time.

one face of a lamp is lighted for achieving one's goal
two face of a lamp is lighted for family goodness
three face of a lamp is lighted for child birth
four face of a lamp is lighted for money
five face of a lamp is lighted for all round wellness

one has to light lamps in east direction for family welfare, in west direction for clearing debits and  north direction for removing marriage obstacles.One should not light lamp in south direction.

Ghee is used in lamp for achieving goals and wealth.sesame oil is used in lamps for health. Coconut oil is used in lamps for  beauty.Illupai oil is used for victory in everything. Castor oil is used in lamps for fame.Combination of all these will give blessing of amman.

For lord vinayaga - Coconut oil should be used
For goddess mahalaxmi  - Cow ghee should be used
For Kula deivam - Mixture of Neem, illupai and cow ghee
For Bairavar - Sesame oil
For amman - Mixture of  Castor oil, Neem oil, Coconut oil, Illupai oil and Cow Ghee 

Girivalam in Thiruannamalai - know the way to get better

Most of us had visited Thiruannamali .Had anyone gone Girivalam in  Thiruannamali ? Arunachalapuranam says you are gifted if you go Girivalam.

   Days of  Sivarathiri, amavasai,pournami are  excellent days for Girivalam.In tamil month of Chittirai (from April 14th), on pournami day one have to start going girivalam. one has to lit Ghee lamp in front of East Gopuram , have to meditate Lord Arunachaleshwara and then have to move forward.One has to finish it in Temple of Lord Narayana.

   Lemon rice, mango rice, coconut rice, sugar rice, curd rice, dhal rice, pongal, puli satham, aval uppuma,wheat uppuma, karuveppilai rice can be distributed to people on the way while going girivalam.

   If one goes girivalam during Tamil month of Vaigasi, one will get relieved from sadness caused by  Lord Saneeswara or planet Saturn.

    If one wants to get rich he has to go girivalam in Tamil Month of Aani, with a child whose age is within 5 years on his shoulders. If one wants to get his children to be very disciplined he has to go aani month Girivalam.If one is affected by pithrudosha he has to go girivalam during the month of Aani.

   If one wants to get their children to be knowledged, he has to go girivalam with his children during the Month of Thai (January 15th onwards).Our Karma is reduced if one goes girivalam in the month of Thai.

   People working in the fields related to Education,Electrical,Atomic,Law will get benefit if they go girivalam in the Tamil Month of Maasi(Feb 15 onwards).Housewives, People having credit money related issues will also get benefit in this month.

   If one has to get a stable and rich life he has to go girivalam in the Tamil month of Panguni. First he has to offer flowers to Lord Lakshana Vinayagar in East Gopuram.Then have to medidate on Thiruannamalai. From there he has to continue his Girivalam silently meditating Lakshmi mantra.From there he has to go to pond of Yama(Lord of death) to take bath. If it is not possible he has to sprinkle the water from that pond in his head. Then he has to offer sambangi flowers to sivalinga that was worshipped by Lord yama. Then he has to get back those flowers, and have to worship Thiruannamalai from that place.On the way of girivalam, if one worships Thriuannamali soon after entering the path in the right side from the Chengam road, it is called Paranjothi Thirumuga Darisanam.If one worships Thiruannamalai form the place of Gubera Linga it is called Vaivasvatha ling muga darisanam.Then he has to complete his girivalam in Temple of Lord Bootha narayana. If one worships like this he will get rich.

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Jul 13, 2011

Useful Automobile blogs

Are you searching for updated automobile news?

visit www.indianautosblog.com, www.team-bhp.com

   Automobile market in india is booming and the above two websites bring a good coverage of news,reviews and a lot more service that are happening in Indian automobile market.

Best remedy for saturn period

   Every person in this universe will be affected by Saturn  when it travels in 12th,1st and 2nd houses in one's chart.Pooja to Lord Siva with Vilva leaf during seven and half years of saturn is said to be very useful.
Visiting Yoga Bairavar in Thiruppatur during this period will be very beneficial as this temple is said to be having Athi bairavar(First among all).This temple is also called Thiruthalinathar Thirukovil.This temple is also beneficial to persons affected by Kalasarpha Dosha. 


Visit this for more information

Temple for Remedy for Kalasarpha Dosha

        It has been said that in one's astrological chart during the time of birth, If the planets are in between Ragu and Ketu , it is said that the person is born with Kalasarpha dosha facing obstacles in every thing up to 32 years. In Tamilnadu, a temple called Agastheeswarar Temple is situated in Vellore District near Valajah .The Main residing diety is Sri Agatheeswarar and Sri Bhuvaneshwari amman. The diety is said to be a suyambu(born itself) and its under a vanni tree implanted by sage sri agasthiar.
Sri saneeswarar idol below the vanni tree is said to be giving so much relief to persons affected by seven and half  years of saturn.
Sri Sarabheswarar is said to be a special diety giving boon soon to all.Ragu kala pooja for sri sarabheswara performed on sundays is very effective.

Visit the link for more information.

Jul 8, 2011

Want to live a fulfilled life - Astrology Shows the way

Every person wants to achieve Big in Life.In one's Birth chart if one worship the Lagna lord, Rasi Lord, Star Lord, Dasa Lord, Bhukthi Lord regularly they will show a unique path to achieve big things in Life.

Consider if one's was born in Viruchiga Lagna, simma rasi ,Maga Nachatra  running Ragu Dasa he has to consider  the Lords of these things as follows

for viruchiga lagna, lagna lord is planet mars-Lord Muruga is the God to be worshipped
for Simma rasi, rasi lord is sun, for Maga Nachatra, the owner of the star is Lord Ketu represented by Lord Vinayaga. As he is running Ragu dasa, he had to worship Sri Durga.

  If he goes to Lord Murugans Temple situated in Hill on Tuesday by following certain fasting like walking to the Temple by Foot, Doing Milk Abhishegam  his problems which are very severe will disappear. Also he has to rise before sunrise, pray to Lord Vinayaga before starting any work everyday and Visit Sri Durga for the all over well being. 

Please visit the link for more information. 


Temples for 27 Stars

Each human being borns in a nachatra and its called his Jenma Nachatra.. Each Nachatra is having separate temples and if one visits and prays in the temple of his jenma nachatra atleast once a year it is said to be very rewarding for his all well being.The temples are listed orderwise from star ashwini .

1.ashwini - Maruntheeswarar thirukovil-situated in Thiruthuraipoondi- 30 kms from thiruvaur

2.bharani - Agneeswarar thirukovil-situated in Nlladai-on the way to karaikal from mailadudurai via nedunkadu

3.krittikai - Kathra sundareshwarar thirukovil - situated in kancha nagaram - 8 kms from mayiladuthurai to     poombukar

4.rohini - Pandavathootha perumal thirukovil - situated in opposite road where kanchi egambareshwarar kovil is situated

5.mirugasheerisham - Aadhi narayanaperumal thirukovil - situated in 1 km from mugoondanur busstop - 50 kms from thanjavur on the way to thiruvarur.

6.thruvathirai - Abayavartheeswarar thirukovil - situated in athirampattinam- 82kms from thanjavur via pattukottai .

7.punarpoosam- Athitheeswarar thirukovil - situated in old vaniyambadi - 70 kms from vellore to krishnagiri.

8.poosam - Atchayapureeswarar thirukovil - situated in north direction from vilangulam vilaku - 30 kms from pattukottai to rameshvaram.

9.ayilyam - Karkadeshwarar thirukovil - 2 kms from thiruvisa nallore- 11 kms from kumbakonam to suryanar kovil route

10. magam - Magalingeshwarar thirukovil - 2 kms from viralipatti vilaku - 12 kms from thindukkal to nattham route

11.pooram - Sri hari theertheswarar thirukovil -situated in thiruvarankulam - 7 kms from pudukottai to pattukottai route.

12.utthiram - Mangalyeswarar thirukovil - situated in idayatru mangalam - 22 kms frm thiruchi to lalkudi

13.hastham - Kiruba koobacheswarar thirukovil - situated in komal (8 kms from kuttalam) - kumabakonam to mayiladuthurai route

14. chitirai - Chitira ratha vallaba perumal thirukovil - situated in 3 kms from kuruvithurai  - 23 kms from madurai

15. swathi - Thathreeswarar thirukovil - situated in sithukadu - 8 kms from poondamalli to thandukarai route

16. visagam - Muthukumaraswamy thirukovil - 7 kms from thirumalaikovil - 155 kms from madurai to senkottai.

17 anusham - Mahalakshmipureeswarar thirukovil - situated in thirunindriyur - 7 kms from mayiladuthurai to seergali route

18. kettai - Varatharaja perumal thirukovil - 1/2 km from pasupathi kovil - 13 kms from kumbakonam to thanjavur route

19.moolam -Singeeswarar thirukovil - situated in mappedu - 45 kms from chennai koyambedu to thakkolam route

20.pooradam - Agasha pureeswaar thirukovil - situated in kaduveli(4 kms from kallanai) - 13 kms from thanjavur to thiruvayaru

21.uthiradam - Brammapureeshwarar thirukovil - situated in poongudi (3 kms from okkoor- 12 kms from sivagangai to karaikudi route

22.thituvonam-Prasanna venkatesha perumal thirukovil - situated in thirupaarkadal (2 kms from kaveripakkam -20 kms from vellore to chennai route.

23.avittam - Brammananapureeswarar thirukovil - situated in korukai (4kms from magamagam lake west)- kumbakonam to maruthanalur route

24.sathayam - Agnipureeswarar thirukovil - situated in thirupugalur-naannilam to nagapattinam route

25.pooratathi - Thiruvaneshwar thirukovil - situated in ranganathapuram ( 2kms fromagarapettai) - 17 kms from thiruvayaru to thirukattupalli route

26.uthiratathi - Sagasralaksmeeshwarar thirukovil - situated in theeyathoor(21 kms from thrupunavasal)- 40 kms from pudukottai to avudayar kovil route

27.revathi - Kailashanathar thirukovil - karukudi(5 kms from thhathaiyagar pettai)- 40 kms from tiruchi to musiri

Jul 7, 2011

Basic Astrology - A useful Blog

   There are numerous sites in English offering articles abour Basic Vedic Astrology. A blog  called http://classroom2007.blogspot.com is very useful for  people who can read Basic Astrology in Tamil Language.

Jul 6, 2011

Virutcha Shastra (விருட்ச சாஸ்திரம்)

There is a shastra called Virutcha Shastra  in India. Every person born in this world at a particular time will be born under a particular star. A star will reside in one of the four parts of a House or Sign. 

Every person will be having a  tree which is beneficial to his or her birth star's position whether it is staying in 1st,2nd,3rd or 4th part of a sign . If one buys a tree according to his star position and nourishes it with care, it is said that the negative karma created will slowly vanish. While the tree grows up, the person who is nourishing it will begin to get benefit.The list of Tress,Stars,Stars Position are given in detail .See the link below which had the list in Tamil Language.


This list is said to be published in Aval Vikatan Magazine 2.1.2009 issue.

Phone Curry - searching for right mobiles?

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Difficulty in getting a child visit Thirukarugavur

        Couples who remain childless for a long time should offer ghee, which will be placed at the Feet of the Goddess charged with manthras and given to them. If the couples eat a little of this Ghee at night daily for 48 days the woman will certainly conceive soon and they will be blessed with children. Pregnant women expecting deliveries should offer castor oil, which will be placed, at the Feet of Sri Garbha Ratshambikai, charged with manthras and offered to them. This castor oil has wonderful property. When the women get the labour pains, this oil should be smeared on their abdomen. This will eliminate all complications, dangers and after effects of deliveries and make the deliveries quite easy. 

Nithya Kalyana Perumal - Thiruvidanthai

Unmarried people will find their life partner immediately if they visit this temple.Those who wants to get married would be offering two garlands to Lord. After Puja, the priest would give one of the garlands. The person should wear that garland and do Pradakshinam. This is practiced, so that marriage would be fixed soon to the bhaktas.

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Thirumanancheri - Kalyana Sundareswarar

    People of the earthly world have several priorities before marriage and in the mean time age of getting married will cross by. For some people due to dosha marriage will get delayed.A Temple of Lord Shiva in a place called Thirumanancheri  called Kalyana Sundareswarar Temple removes the obstacles if one visits the temple and perform the rituals as prescribed.

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Jul 5, 2011

Temple that gives Remedy for Mental Disorders

    If one kills a Brahmin or cow, Brammahathi, a dosha for that sin will occur causing severe troubles for years.A temple called Sri Mahalinga perumal swamy tample in Thiruvidaimaruthur (திருவிடைமருதூர்) is said to be curing this illness.It is noted that ones prayers will not be answered if he had commited this sin if he doesn't visit this temple.

http://www.thiruvidaimarudur.com/- more information is available in this website.

Jul 4, 2011

Kanda Sasti Kavasam - A Poem in a Scientific way

      People who have learned yoga used to concentrate from one part of their body to other.The song about Lord Muruga called Kanda shasti Kavasam also directs one's concentration from one part to another while the song is recited. Its a song that protects the devotees of Lord Muruga during difficult times.
     Usually Lord Muruga is related to the planet Mars. His idol is usually installed in Hills.benefits of meditation and pranayama are obtained as such when we climb high mountains.


Lord Hanuman is fondly called as Sundara by his Mother Sri Anjana Devi. Even Lord Hanuman himself doesnot know about this before revealed by his Mother.

For Navagraha Dosha a song called Navaratna Mantra Mala is very beneficial indicating nine planets and how he is the rectifier  of dosha is explained in the song itself. 

Sri Chakrapuri - Had you heard about this?

Sri Chakrapuri (ஸ்ரீ சக்ரபுரி)- This is the ancient name of Famous Siva Temple Thiru Annamalai (திரு அண்ணாமலை ).It is said Lord Siva himself resides here in the form of a Mountain.Many Mahrishis and Guru's of India had lived there.

In Thiru Annamalai GiriValam (கிரிவலம்) during Full Moon is so Famous.It is said If we go Girivalam continuously our negative karma  will begin to decrease.
Scientifically during Full Moon, the Planet Moon will be having  its Highest energy.Usually the dieties situated in Hills or  beside sea receive high cosmic energy. When a human being goes to this places on this day will recieve high cosmic energy so that his mind will be triggered to make very clear  decisions.This helps in overall improvement of a mind and body.



These 2 blogs explain experiences of 2 people .

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Special Temples - Kanchi kamatchi amman

It has been siad by our ancestors that visiting Thillai Natarajar Temple and Kanchi Kamatchi Amman Temple will give special cosmic Bliss to the devotees.Specifically the people who are married will get so much benefit as Kanchi Kamatchi Amman Temple.Through research it has been found that Family problems  are solved easily  even for the people who go to that extend of getting separated or getting divorced.

The Amman in Kanchi is said to be in Padmasana pose. It is said Sage Sri Adisankarar had installed Sri Chakra in this Temple for solving Money related problems for the people.

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Jul 2, 2011

Some famous Temples in South India(Tamilnadu)

Thiruannamalai arunachaleswarar Temple : The temple that provides light in life of devotees who surrender to lord siva is lord arunachaleswarar temple situated in Thiru annamalai. It is called as sri chakrapuri in ancient times.

Kanchi Kamatchi amman: The kanchi kamatchi amman temple in kanchipuran is so famous and proved by research that it provides special cosmic bliss to the devotees.

Rameshwaram Ramanathaswamy Temple: The temple has the longest corridor(1000 pillars) in the country. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple: Built in the honour of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati, the Meenakshi temple is situated in Madurai. Its history dates back to the 18th century. The 14 Gopurams including two gopurams for the main dieties of the temple are special.

Kanyakumari Bhagavathi amman Temple : Few temples in India are more picturesquely located than that of Goddess Bhagavathi in Kannyakumari. It stands near where three oceans meet: the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The eastern gate, facing the Bay of Bengal is opened only five times a year.

Thanjavur Bragadeeswarar Temple:
Rajaraja Cholan, the Great Chola king built Bragatheeswarar Temple. Big Temple is an example for the Indian sculptural architecture greatness.

Chidambaram Natarajar Temple :The temple located in the centre of the town covers an area of 40 acres. It is one of the ancient temples of Tamil Nadu. The roof of the temple is covered with gold plates.

Tiruchendur Murugan Temple :
Tiruchendur is the second abode of the six chosen spots of Lord Muruga, as described by Nakkirar, the famous Tamil poet.It is situated 40 km south of Tuticorin along the beautiful shores of the Bay of Bengal.

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Science behind the construction of Temples

   Vaastu Shastra is the science of building and essentially the art of balancing nature to get the maximum benefits of the energy emitted by nature.This knowledge is revealed by Great Maharishis of ancient india thousands of years ago.
  Temple architecture in India represents this Science. The complex energy forms and finer elements are linked with deities, trees, plants, colours, shapes and forms in the temple architecture. Different deities installed in the temple represent body, mind, intellect and the sub-components. These deities are then linked to the cosmos by associating them with specific directions. This establishes a chain of relationships between micro level elements and the macro level existence to reshape human mind 
    The five elements Earth, water, wind, fire, and sky have higher energy content.Linking inner spaces with outer spaces represented by these five elements in correct proportion to recieve cosmic energy is the essence of Vaastushastra. When a correct relationship is established between inner and outer space, cosmic bliss starts showering on the individual human being.   
       A suitable medium is provided by the sky  in the form of  domes and pyramids. A deity in the temple is a medium to absorb all the individual desires suitably transformed by rituals. The vertical fire pillar in the line of the deity's vision in the outer space of the temple serves as the bridge linking the inner space represented by the deity with  sky . This fire pillar has a characteristic shape, which points towards the sky. A divine fire, .which is the purifying factor in the temples, is lit using butter-oil made from cow's milk. Through this fire a rhythmic ascending energy form is circulated. Deity's vision is normally aligned to the North or the East directions, which are the sources of  positive energies.

    The Eastern philosophy is based on creating  a relationship between mind, wind, and sky. Wind is the medium. sounds are the keys to reinforcing the bond between the mind and the sky. Controlling the wind element at individual level is called 'Pranayam'. We can say that the temple architecture provides a natural stage of 'Pranayam', not with any definite individual efforts, but through various forms, shapes, rituals, and sounds. These parameters establish a unique path correlating the wind and the sky. Domes and pyramids in the temple transform the sound to a Mandalas (spherical response). The echo of this rhythmic primordial sound takes, the wind to the sky activating the 'Gurutatva' in the human mind.

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Raja yoga simma Dakshinamoorthy - Thirupulivanam

       A siva temple situated in kanchipuram district of tamilnadu state in india is said to be having a special diety called Raja yoga simma dhakshinamoorthy. The name of the temple is sri vyakrapureeswarar temple situated in Thirupulivanam in Kanchipuram district of tamilnadu.The temple is said to be originated 1000 years ago

Lord siva has originated as a syambu lingam with tiger claws on its body.The dakshinamoorthy is in the form of arthanareeswara.Couples who are living separately can worship this siva for living together even the problem is severe to the extent of divorce.

http://astrologicalscience.blogspot.com/2011/07/visit-sri-vyakrapureeswarar-temple.html - details for another temple in the same name situated in Thanjavur district for couples who want to avoid divorce.

Jul 1, 2011

Incredible india, Science in architecture of india

People watching Indian channels may have come across an advertisement called Incredible India . Yes its incredible because of many things.South India is famous for temples. Especially kumbakonam,  the south indian Temple city. North india, its famous for Kasi, Amarnath cave.Due to this  from vedic ages india is a place for people who come in search of divine.

Its said five elements namely air,water,fire earth and sky make up human body.Temples resemble Indian architecture.Most of them are constructed according to Vaasthu Shastra .This knowledge  is passed only to qualified people and well protected. It is the science of manifestation of energy in to matter.


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