Nov 5, 2015

Benefits of Annabisegam

During tamil month of aipasi annabisegam is done for lord siva in all siva temples.People who are fortunate to get the rice which was used for annabisegam will get good business, children suffering from urinary problems and dyslexia will get cured, no problem for food till next annabisegam.If people do annabisegam in a old siva temple rainfall will be good and agriculture and business will be good in that area.

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Oct 8, 2015

Chanting Rama nama for dharshan of Sri ram

Chatrapathu sivaji's guru ramadasar had saved shivaji many times from hard times.He had informed that people who have chanted sri rama nama 13 crore times with faith in him will get sri rama's dharshan.Those who start chanting sri rama nama initiated by his guru can chant it without any account as sri rama's kothanda bell will remind him about completion of 1 crore times of chanting when it is completed.Sr thyagaraja swamigal had been blessed with Lord sri ram's dharshan in this way.

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Sep 10, 2015

Benefits of offering coconut on various tithi

Offering coconut on prathamai tithi will give money.
Offering coconut on thuuthuyai tithi bring unity between couples
Offering coconut on trithiyai tithi will give guru blessings.
Offering coconut on sathurthasi tithi will give family unity
Offering coconut on panchami tithi will give mangalya bhagyam.
Offering coconut on shasti tithi will give children
Offering coconut on sapthami tithi will give pithru blessings
Offering coconut on astami tithi will give thana yogam and thanya yogam.
Offering coconut on navami tithi will give victory in learned subjects.
Offering coconut on dhasami tithi will give all good things in life.

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