May 21, 2015

Arunachala Oracle

“In India there is still a custom in villages of people depending on providence when there is no possibility of a decision being arrived at by reasoning on a particular matter, and of taking recourse to Dharmapatra, the leaf of impartiality to know the will of Providence; when they ascertain it thus, they act accordingly, without further argument or reasoning. The leaf of impartiality is made use of in the following manner:

“Yes” and “No” are written on some fragments of paper or on Vilva leaves, which are put into an empty water-pot, and a child is asked to pick up one fragment or a leaf. If the child picks up a “Yes” fragment, the person who has recourse to this expedient knows that Providence sanctions the contemplated course. If the other pieces is picked up, he takes it that the will of providence forbids the course.”

[Page 140 - Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master Part 1]

As well as the Leaf of Impartiality utilised in India for many hundreds of years, there are many other methods used by Devotees to access the will of Divine Providence. Sri Sathya Sai Baba often used to counsel his devotees that when they had a situation that required action, they could revert to “chits” in order to access the Will of Divine Providence. In this respect He suggested that the devotee keep a number of tokens or coins on their altar in order to access a “Yes” or “No” answer from the Divine.

A great devotee of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, Shri Madhav Lele published a well known book, “Your Questions and Shree Sai Baba Answers,” which is comprised of 720 possible answers available in response to a devotee’s question.

The premise of Arunachala Oracle is the same as the Leaf of Impartiality, the recommendation of chits from Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the book of guidance of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Arunachala Oracle is comprised of 630 possible answers compiled from sayings and recommendations of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Arunachala saints and devotees and answers of the book of Madhav Lele.

Please treat this programme with respect. You will receive an answer from Divine Providence directly proportionate to the extent of your seriousness and surrender.

[Shirdi Sai Baba]

On Arunachala Oracle there is meditation page, with devotional audios to allow you to quieten the mind before asking your question. When you feel ready to ask your question, type it in the question box at the bottom of the photograph of Lord Shiva and Nandi.

• Relax and meditate on the image of Lord Shiva with love

• With a quiet, humble heart ask for help and guidance

• Formulate your question in the mind

• Ask the Divine to provide you with a true and blessed answer

• Do not keep repeating a question till you get the answer you want

• If your confusion has not been satisfied, keep a prayerful attitude and return to the Oracle after a break of a few days and ask your question in another way

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May 15, 2015

Lord shiva worship for 27 stars

People born in one of the 27 stars can use this for their jenma nakshatra worship.

Aswini - siva with komatha

Bharani - siva with sakthi

Karthigai - siva alone

Rohini -  siva with moon in his head

Mirugasirisha - siva with murugan

Thiruvathirai - siva worshipped by snake

Punarpoosam - siva with vinayagar and murugan

Poosam - siva drinking poison

Ayilyam - siva with vishnu

Magam - siva placing vinayagar in his lap

Pooram - Arthanarreeswarar

Uthiram - Natarajar

Hastham - siva in meditating pose

Chithirai - siva with goddess parvathi seeing nandhi abhisegam

Swathi - Sagasralingam

Visagam - siva with parvathi  and kamadhenu

Anusham - siva worshipped by sri ram

Jyesta - siva with nandhi

Moolam - siva with sarpha vinayagar

Pooradam - siva with sakthi and vigneswara

Uthiradam - siva sitting on rishaba seeing abhisegam done by goddess parvathi

Thiruvonam - siva sitting on moon blessing vinayagar

Avittam - siva in bridegroom pose

Sathayam - siva with sakthi on rishaba

Pooratathi - siva placing vinayaga in front and parvathi along with him

Uthiratathi - siva in kailash

Revathi - siva with vinayagar, murugan and parvathi

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May 7, 2015

Importance of using number 8 in life

There is a tamil proverb one will multiply 8 times, 8 generations..8 is a number related to planet saturn.It also signifies longevity.During saturn hora and saturday number 8's energy will be there. As number 8 is like two circles one above the other indicating reaching a hard goal step by step,using  it without avoiding in daily life will bring blessings of planet saturn. 

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Apr 27, 2015

Simple ways to bring blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on Akshaya tirithiyai

Akshaya means growth.This is a day for increasing our purva punya.This is the day for Lakshmi pooja by offering gheelamps before Goddess Laksmi in home.Buying rice which is not broken and keeping it in home and house wallet will bring goodness.Buying turmeric and keeping it in home is auspicious.Even buying little bit of salt and bringing it home will bring blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.Offering food to poor people, offering clothes, offering drinking water are good. Offering curd will remove any curse.Offering food to cow is very important. 

For more details visit right akshaya tirithiyai page..

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Benefits of Komiyam and Komuga Theertham

When a mixture of Komiyam and Komuga Theertham is sprinkled in home along with mantra recitation  with the prescribed number of times on particular stars several problems are cured. This is given by a disciple of pamban swamigal on Raj TV in a program called athma sangamam.

Any obstacle is removed if it is sprinkled on star aswini - Episode 57

Death fear will be removed if it is sprinkled on star barani - Episode 57

Problems by children are solved, separated children are united if it is sprinkled on star krittiga - Episode 57

Problems faced by children are solved when it is sprinkled on star rohini - Episode 58

Problems caused by mantras or tantras or any other negative elements are solved when it is sprinkled on star mirugasirisham - Episode 58

Blessings of god will be received  when it is sprinkled on star thiruvathirai - Episode 58

Longevity and blessings for married women regarding mangalyam are received when it is sprinkled on star punarpoosam - Episode 58

Curse of brahmins are removed, curse of cow is removed  when it is sprinkled on star punarpoosam - Episode 58

Accidents and problems through weapons are prevented  when it is sprinkled on star ayilyam - Episode 59

Peaceful end of life is provided   when it is sprinkled on star magam - Episode 59

Kala dosha, naga dosha are removed when it is sprinkled on star pooram - Episode 59

Money problems are solved when it is sprinkled on star utthiram - Episode 60

Problems in uterus are solved when it is sprinkled on star hastham - Episode 60

Prosperity in agriculture will be achieved when it is sprinkled on star chitthirai - Episode 61

Materials submitted for loan are gotten back when it is sprinkled on star swathi - Episode 61

Business will prosper when it is sprinkled on star visagam - Episode 61

Blessings of sadhus, guru are received when it is sprinkled on star anusham - Episode 64

Dosham caused for children, problems caused in brain, exam fear are cured when it is sprinkled on star  kettai - Episode 64

Problems caused in vehicles are solved when it is sprinkled on star moolam - Episode 64

People working in painting shops, drawing industry, cinema are benefited  when it is sprinkled on star pooradam - Episode 64

Skin allergies caused by insect bites are cured  when it is sprinkled on star utthiradam - Episode 65

Poverty will be removed  when it is sprinkled on star thiruvonam - Episode 66

Promotion in job, transfer for favourite place are provided when it is sprinkled on star avittam - Episode 66

Court cases are solved when it is sprinkled on star sathayam - Episode 67

Travelling will be successful and safe when it is sprinkled on star poorattathi - Episode 67

Prosperity in real estate will prosper when it is sprinkled on star uthiratathi - Episode 68

Safety for ladies while cooking will be received on star revathi - Episode 68



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