Jul 21, 2014

Scientific truth of fasting on shasti

Married Couples  generally fast on shasti tithi for getting a child.Scientifically minimum temperature has to be maintained by a human body for living.But in this fast paced world it is not possible.This energy called as agni shakthi is provided by doing pooja on tuesdays, shasti, karthigai and pooram star which helps in keeping the body healthy.  

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Jul 18, 2014

Worshipping vinayagar on chathurthi

Worshipping lord vinayagar who is in sitting posture, standing posture, dancing posture, sleeping posture with garlands made of 4 types of flowers from water, land, tree and flower plant spreading on a tree with 4 types of sweets will help in removing obstacles in all good things which are undertaken by people.

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Jul 14, 2014

Speciality of Magamagam pond

Magamagam pond is a special pond as 12 years once grand festival is conducted during tamil month of Maasi.Coming round magamagam pond 16 times on a pournami day and worshipping in 16 mandapams around it will remove the obstacles caused by pithru dosha which cause delay in marriage and will bring ancestors blessings along with blessings of lord Varuna.  

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Jul 11, 2014

Anjaneyar and use of Kalanchanam

In tamil, anjanam is a black colour paste prepared by combining eight types of thailam like sesame oil, maruthani oil, karisalankanni oil,ponnanganni oil which are very useful in safeguarding eyes from eye problems and when this paste is applied in beetel leaf and worshipped by keeping it before anjaneyar it will be called as kalanchanam and it protects children when applied as thirusti pottu. 

Jul 7, 2014

Flowers of worship during different mahadasas

Garland should be made of this list of flowers while doing worship.

For kuladeivam -  roja flowers
For jeeva sanathi - Jasmine flowers
For vinayagar - Arugambul
For muruga - Marikolunthu flower
For murugan with sri valli and thivanai -  combination of different flowers with different colours
For saptha kanni -  combination of different flowers with different colours
For ambal - roja flowers or sevvarali flowers
For sivalingam - roja flowers or jasmine flowers
For thanvanthiri - marikolunthu flowers
For lakshmi narasimmar - Jasmine flowers
For vishnu durgai - sevvarali flowers
For vishnu - thulasi
For hayagreevar - thulasi
For mariyamman - 108 lemon tied in a single thread
For bairavar - Roja flowers


For sun - Lotus flower
For moon - Lotus flower or Jasmine flower
For mars - Sevvarali flowers
For ragu - arugampul
For mercury - marikolunthu flower
For venus - Jasmine flower
For ketu - arugampul
For saturn - vaadamalli flower


Sun mahadasa - worship sri swarnagarshana bairavar
Moon mahadasa - worship amman with calm nature
Moon with combination of malefic planets - worship amman like kali
Mars mahadasa - worship lord muruga on shasti
Ragu mahadasa - worship in samayapuram, nagerkovil, kalahasthi, thirunageswaram
Guru mahadasa - worship in siddhar jeeva samadhi
Saturn mahadasa - worship sri kalabairavar
Ketu mahadasa - worship vinayagar on theipirai sathurthi
Venus mahadasa - worship in thirukovilur temple

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