Jan 29, 2015

Specialty of punarpoosam star

Lord sri ram's star is punarpoosam. Taking bath in a river or waterfall on punarpoosam will provide special blessings which help in clearing mind and body.Offering pirandai rice food in temples like dhanuskodi, rameswaram, pateeswaram will multiply the benefits of taking bath in a river as these temples are formed and worshipped by . lord sri ram.Nanhi bull here are called Ramanandhi and worshipping them and praying to them will provide relief for problems which cannot be shared to anyone.

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Jan 26, 2015

Benefits of worshipping 63 nayanmars on Thuvithiyai tithi

People who want to remove curses of old aged people should worship 63 nayanmars, 12 alwars on thuvithiyai day as it will reduce the bad effect  and increase the blessings of old people. People who want to get indepth knowledge should follow thuvithiyai tithi worship as it helps to remove fear of death, fear of disease and old people curse.

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Jan 23, 2015

Timing of reciting maha mrithyunjaya mantra

Any one who have his horoscope  can ask his astrologer about his maragasthanathipathi, maraka planets  which are related to dasa, bhukthi and antharam and should worship them during marana yoga day. On this day yama dharma raja worship is important.Conducting maha mrithyunjaya homam and reciting maha  mrityunjaya mantra on marana yoga day will remove fear of death.

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Jan 19, 2015

Kagara ganapathy sahasranamam - For completion of temple work

Kagara ganapathy sagasranamam can be described as a song containing 1008 names of Lord ganesh starting with tamil letter  ka. Unfinished temples and unfinished buildings can be completed by starting ganapathy homam on sathurthasi  tithi and continuing kagara ganapathy sagasranamam on next day which may be a amavasai day or full moon day and offering 14 types of food in the same place.

A temple called sri pathaleeswarar temple situated in pudukottai district on the way of thirumayam to ponnamaravathi- kadiyapatti to rangiyam in a place called durvasapuram is very special for this pooja. Sri durvasa maharishi had offered this pooja in which lord ram also had prayed to lord siva  as he is also the one who had participated in it.

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Jan 16, 2015

Benefits of Tulasi pooja

Tulasi name contains divine energies of aadi sihva, thulasinga perumal and bramma. Worshiping tulasi plant will bring blessings of lord siva, lord bramma and lord vishnu as tulasi devi had done a long panance for marrying lord vishnu.Tulasi plant should be be worshipped by applying sandal and kumkum daily by women and men and children if not possible for women.One should not pick tulasi leaf unless it is used for pooja or medicinal purposes.Worshipping tulasi plant will remove obstacles caused by time.

In madurai-vaadipatti-dindukkal route at a place called "ooruthattu", a siva lingam is there before sri narasinga perumal.Conducting  Pradosha pooja for this lingam will bring good children for a family. Twins have to worship this lingam. Dancers have to worship this lingam as in ancient days bharata natyam within a small plate had been conducted in this place.

Thanks to agasthiar archives.


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