Agathiyar message on his thiru nakshatra


Sage agathiyar has revealed he is immortal as blessed by lord eswaran . One has to respect father and mother. One should not tell lies. One should do dharma to others. Then only he can expect help from god. 

Before going to a temple one should get blessings from his parents. Two weeks before itself one should be clean himself and his home and should recite thiruvasagam. Annathanam should be done for 96 days. 

One should get up early morning and should do pranayama. One should pray to lord as kali purushan will leave anyone who do this. 

One must have punya to worship sage agathiyar as he himself reveals it. Siddhantha Vedanta are changing and human life will be decided only by his punya hereafter. 

Humans who themselves declare as god will be punished severely. 

People who follow vallalaar way will be blessed. People who live a disciplined life will be blessed by siddhars. 

Lord eswaran will stay on aruthra nakshatra in uthira kosa mangai under temple tree sthala virutsha. 

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