Mukthinath temple nepal

 Sage birugu maharishi had revealed pasupathinath temple in Nepal  is his place where goddess lakshmi is powerful . Karma will reduce if people go to visit lord narayana temples. Lord siva and vishnu give blessings here and is place for mukthinath. Whoever visit this temple will get money  for life needs . Whoever may be people who pray to goddess lakshmi will get money here. People should realise money is a thing which can be destroyed. 

Powerful positions will be blessed for people by goddess lakshmi. But before that lord siva and vishnu had to bless them.

By agasthiyar blessings good people will come to this world . It will be decided by siddhars .  Navagraha Saturn is going to punish people for their wrong things as ordered by lord siva. 

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