othimalai message from agasthiyar

 Sage agathiyar has revealed lord muruga has been going around othi malai temple as he has a favourite place there. During karthigai month lord. Vinayaga muruga and ayyappan will be there together.

During tamil month of aipasi people who take bath in kaviri river from amavasai for 9 days along with worship of sage agathiyar will get good benefits .

Before the day of thai poonam lord muruga will visit palani along with sri bogar . Only by instruction from lord muruga bogar had constructed palani murugan temple.

Poomparai kulanthai velappar temple in kodaikanal is connected with othimalai and palani as people who worship these 3 temples in a single day will have their destiny altered. This is revealed by sage agathiyar.

Only after poomparai kulanthai velappar temple construction sri bogar constructed palani temple as instructed by lord murugan as several devas are around palani blessing devotees. 50 percent of karmas will be reduced here.


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