Sage agasthiar about remedies in sundara kandam - part 6

Sage agasthiar in his series of remedies describes people who are having guru,rahu or ketu in 8th place in horoscope, astama saturn, astama guru, people who are in hospital expecting heart or brain should read sargams 62 and 63.

people who are having sun, mars, saturn, rahu or ketu in 7th place or who are running these dasa or bhukthi should read sargam 64. This sargam is also remedy for people who are not having happiness in married life or who are having sevvai dosha or kalathira dosha. one has to read 3 times as a remedy.

people who are running astama saturn, seven and half saturn, arthastama saturn, people having moon with ketu in horoscope,  people who are running ketu dasa moon bhukthi, people who are facing troubles in chandrastamam, people who are separated, people who are having seevai dosha and kalathira dosha should read sargams 64 and 36 together as a remedy.

people who are running seven and half saturn, arthastama saturn, virya sani, jenma sani, patha sani, people who are running saturn dasa saturn bhukthi, saturn dasa sun bhukthi, saturn dasa moon bhukthi, saturn dasa rahu bhukthi, saturn dasa ketu bhukthi, moon dasa ketu bhukthi, moon dasa rahu bhukthi, moon dasa saturn bhukthi, mars with ketu in 6th place, mars in 7th place should read sargams 66 and 67 daily 3 times.    

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  1. very useful information. please add more on sundarakandam. thank you for writing the information in english.


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