Sage agasthiar about remedies in sundara kandam - part 5

Sage agasthiar in his series of remedies from sundara kandam describes people who had failed in exams, people who are having astama sani, astama guru, people who are running saturn dasa rahu bhukthi, saturn dasa ketu bhukthi, sun dasa rahu bhukthi, sun dasa ketu bhukthi, sun dasa saturn bhukthi, people in business facing only failures to read sargams 55 to 57 daily which is the prescribed remedy.

people who want to get remedy for their wrong doings, people who are afraid of enemies, people who are affected by diseases due to rahu, ketu, people who are facing obstacles should read sargams 58 and 59 in sundara kandam.

people who are living straight forward, people who are having sun with ketu or moon with rahu, people who are running moon dasa ketu bhukthi, sun dasa rahu bhukthi have to read sargams 60 and 61 in sundara kandam       

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