Oct 12, 2017

Sage agasthiar about remedies in sundara kandam - part 4

According to sage agasthiar for rahu, ketu dosha, astama guru, astama ketu, people affected by enemies, for people who always get failure reading sargams 43 to 46 is the remedy.

For people affected to bad energies, for moon dasha rahu bhukthi, moon dasa ketu bhukthi, for people affected by chandrastamam reading sargams 47 to 50 is the remedy.

For people affected by robbers, outsiders, fire, punishments, for people who have mars and ketu in 6 or 8 , mars dasa as 8 th dasa, for people who are in cooking places, people who work in chemical factories reading 51 to 54 is the remedy.  

Thanks to sithan arul blog.


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