Sage agasthiar about remedies in sundara kandam - part 3

According to sage agasthiar reading 28th sargam will help people by showng good signs or sagunam.

For people who are admitted in hospital reading 30th sargam 3 times by praying to lord hanuman is the remedy. For moon dasha rahu bhukthi, for moon dasha ketu bhukthi, rahu dasa sun bhukthi, for rahu dasa mon bhukthi, for ketu dasha sun bukthi, for ketu dasha moon bhukthi, for ketu dasa mars bhukthi  this is the remedy.

For people who are trying for a job, for people who are in suicide mentality reading 31 to 35  sargams is the remedy.

For people who are running astama sani, 71/2 sani for unmarried male, female, reading sargams 35 to 38 is the remedy.

For people who are most deprived state mentally 39th sargam is remedy.

For people who are affected by fear, people who have guru, ketu, saturn and running their dasa, bhukthi antharam, people who are harassed by police, people affected by court  reading sargams 39 to 42 is the remedy.

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