Sage agathiyar about remedies in sundara kandam - part 2

According to sage agathiyar for removing obstacles one has to read slokas from10,11,12,13 sargams.

When ragu, ketu,Saturn, guru are in 8 from rasi one has to read all 14 sargams. For job, marriage and money problems this is the solution.

For finding lost persons, for obstacles in marriage and to come out of poverty 18 th sargam is the remedy.

For persons who want to complete a prayer 14 th sargam is remedy.

For ragu, ketu dosha reading 18 th sargam is the remedy. It is also remedy for ashtama sani. For saturn dasa rahu bhukthi, saturn dasa ketu bhukthi this is the remedy

For ragu, ketu, saturn or sevai in 7 th from rasi sargams 23 to 26 with pattabisega sargam will provide remedy. This will unite separated couples. This is a remedy for women who are harassed by outside people.This is a remedy for people whose were affected by strong  6th house causing disease,problem by enemies, money problems.

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