Sep 8, 2016

Effect of lighting lamps -Sage agasthiar

Sage agasthiar recommends lighting 12 face lamps for six months in temples as it is directly related to 12 zodiacs in astrology curing many has to use new lamp made of soil every time.

Thanks to sithan arul blog.

Sep 7, 2016

Sage agasthiar for peaceful family

According to sage agasthiar karma is reason for problems among husband and wife.
For peaceful life both have to recite navagraga gayathri, athi devatha gayathri and saptha kanniyar mantra daily. 

Thanks to sithan arul blog.

Sep 1, 2016

Sage agasthiar about nagadosha

Remedies from Sage agasthiar for naga dosha

1.Chanting of gayatri mantras of ganapathy,durga,ragu,ketu 27 times daily.
2.Donating cows
3.Helping in cow farms
4.Helping cancer patients
5.Helping poor people to get free antibiotic medicine for poison

Thanks to sithan arul blog.


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