Getting ancestors blessings in simple ways

Offering sesame seeds with water is acceptable as a simple ancestor or pithru worship according to vedas. Scientifically it has been proved that every human being have DNA characteristics of 7 ancestors or 7 generations in his blood.When a human being touches a sesame seed which is going to be offered in pithru pooja, it is activated with changes in its DNA in such a way that this energy reaches the pithruloka through plants there where our ancestors are living.One has to pour the water with sesame seeds in small vessel called thambalam or in land by pouring it  in the gap between right thumb finger and index finger as prescribed in ancient vedas. 

This is turn provide ancestors blessings protecting our family in several ways.
During ancestors tithi, distributing food for common people who are in need of food will bring pithru blessings in a simple way.Three banana leaves have to be filled with food as one is for vishnu, another is for ancestors in father's  lineage and last one for ancestors in mother's lineage.One has to come around these three banana leaf's filled with food and have to pray lord vishnu who is the head for ancestors and have to distribute it for common people.This will bring great punya to the family.Giving food to cows and crows on ancestors tithi will bring blessings of ancestors.

During tamil month of purattasi, in nearby perumal temples sugar rice, curd rice, tamarind rice, laddu have to be offered to lord perumal and have to be distributed with food to common people.This will protect the family from pithru dosha. For people who had not given tithi properly, this is a way to  get ancestors blessings.   

During amavasai, tharpana days, ancestors tithi, mahalaya patcha annathanam days, combination of bittergourd, pirandai, palaakaai is special.Providing this with food to common people in lord siva temples, having shades or pattai in lingam,  will provide remedy for pithru dosha which comes for every generation.

Most of the people do not follow ancestors rituals giving way to pithru dosha. Providing food for common people during tamil month of purattasi for atleast 108  food packets with water have to be distributed for common people in first fifteen days for getting ancestors blessings.Those who cannot do it for fifteen days can do it during puratassi amavasai day in perumal temple.

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People who want to know how this pithru tharpanam is working as explained in quantum physics can visit the below links.


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