Jul 20, 2015

Soundaryalahari written by Adisankarar

Sri aathisankarar after establishing 6 types of worship and sanathana dharma went to kailash and worshipped lord shiva. Lord shiva blessed him by giving 5 spadiga lingams and a bundle of songs written in palm leaves about Goddess parvathi.Sri adisankarar thanked lord siva by singing umamageswarar stotram and started his way back.But while returning nandhi who is the gatekeeper of Lord shiva got back some palm leaves and started reading it.41 songs were lost which are called as aanandalahiri and aathi sankarar came out of kailash with sadness. Sri ambigai asked him to recite the remaining 59 songs and sri adisankarar did as per her wish and it is called as soundaryalahiri.

5 lingams given by lord siva to sri adisankarar are installed  in kanchi, kedarnath, nepal, sriungeri and chidambaram.

Ilayaraja famous tamil musician had used the first song in soundaryalahiri in his janani janani song.

Soundaryalahiri is available in rightmantra.com in pdf format.

Thanks to right mantra.com

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