Seven Special Blessings for Girls and Women Everywhere

For all girls and women worshipping in saptha mangai temples is very important.

1) the blessing of good character, morality and good behavior, with the blessings of one's parents;
2)by the blessings of "holy maathaa" women spiritual elders, attaining to puberty and womanhood at the "appropriate" age;
3)by the divine grace of the seven "saptha kanni" maiden deities, growing up as chaste young adults with stellar morals;
4) by the blessings of the "rishi pathni" (wives of great rishis) mother deities, getting married at the appropriate age;
5)by the divine grace of the seven "saptha maathaa" mother deities, conducting married life properly and shining with purity in married life;
6) by the power of the benefits resulting from the worship procedures done by "pithru pathnis" (wives of pithru exalted beings), begetting children and thus ensuring the proper growth of the family;
7)by the divine grace of the Universal Mother Goddess, getting the ultimate blessing of "sayujya" (merging) with the Universal Mother Herself, i.e., the blessing of "moksha" salvation by meging with the Lotus Feet of the Mother Goddess.

Worshipping time

1) Anytime is a "good time" for worship - this is the basic Siddha rule.
2) Worshipping at all seven of these Sapta-mangai "kshetras" on one Sapthami thithi is wonderful.
3) Worshipping at all seven of these Sapta-mangai sacred spaces on one Sunday (since Sunday is ideal for worship of the Universal Mother Goddess).
4) Of course, worship at all seven of these kshetras on theBhanu-Sapthami Day (when Sapthami thithi occurs on a Sunday) will be so good.

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