Dec 15, 2015

Getting ancestors blessings in simple ways

Offering sesame seeds with water is acceptable as a simple ancestor or pithru worship according to vedas. Scientifically it has been proved that every human being have DNA characteristics of 7 ancestors or 7 generations in his blood.When a human being touches a sesame seed which is going to be offered in pithru pooja, it is activated with changes in its DNA in such a way that this energy reaches the pithruloka through plants there where our ancestors are living.One has to pour the water with sesame seeds in small vessel called thambalam or in land by pouring it  in the gap between right thumb finger and index finger as prescribed in ancient vedas. 

This is turn provide ancestors blessings protecting our family in several ways.
During ancestors tithi, distributing food for common people who are in need of food will bring pithru blessings in a simple way.Three banana leaves have to be filled with food as one is for vishnu, another is for ancestors in father's  lineage and last one for ancestors in mother's lineage.One has to come around these three banana leaf's filled with food and have to pray lord vishnu who is the head for ancestors and have to distribute it for common people.This will bring great punya to the family.Giving food to cows and crows on ancestors tithi will bring blessings of ancestors.

During tamil month of purattasi, in nearby perumal temples sugar rice, curd rice, tamarind rice, laddu have to be offered to lord perumal and have to be distributed with food to common people.This will protect the family from pithru dosha. For people who had not given tithi properly, this is a way to  get ancestors blessings.   

During amavasai, tharpana days, ancestors tithi, mahalaya patcha annathanam days, combination of bittergourd, pirandai, palaakaai is special.Providing this with food to common people in lord siva temples, having shades or pattai in lingam,  will provide remedy for pithru dosha which comes for every generation.

Most of the people do not follow ancestors rituals giving way to pithru dosha. Providing food for common people during tamil month of purattasi for atleast 108  food packets with water have to be distributed for common people in first fifteen days for getting ancestors blessings.Those who cannot do it for fifteen days can do it during puratassi amavasai day in perumal temple.

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People who want to know how this pithru tharpanam is working as explained in quantum physics can visit the below links.

Nov 5, 2015

Benefits of Annabisegam

During tamil month of aipasi annabisegam is done for lord siva in all siva temples.People who are fortunate to get the rice which was used for annabisegam will get good business, children suffering from urinary problems and dyslexia will get cured, no problem for food till next annabisegam.If people do annabisegam in a old siva temple rainfall will be good and agriculture and business will be good in that area.

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Oct 8, 2015

Chanting Rama nama for dharshan of Sri ram

Chatrapathu sivaji's guru ramadasar had saved shivaji many times from hard times.He had informed that people who have chanted sri rama nama 13 crore times with faith in him will get sri rama's dharshan.Those who start chanting sri rama nama initiated by his guru can chant it without any account as sri rama's kothanda bell will remind him about completion of 1 crore times of chanting when it is completed.Sr thyagaraja swamigal had been blessed with Lord sri ram's dharshan in this way.

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Sep 10, 2015

Benefits of offering coconut on various tithi

Offering coconut on prathamai tithi will give money.
Offering coconut on thuuthuyai tithi bring unity between couples
Offering coconut on trithiyai tithi will give guru blessings.
Offering coconut on sathurthasi tithi will give family unity
Offering coconut on panchami tithi will give mangalya bhagyam.
Offering coconut on shasti tithi will give children
Offering coconut on sapthami tithi will give pithru blessings
Offering coconut on astami tithi will give thana yogam and thanya yogam.
Offering coconut on navami tithi will give victory in learned subjects.
Offering coconut on dhasami tithi will give all good things in life.

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Aug 20, 2015

Various types of offerings

Offerings and blessings

Offering food  will provide pithru blessings

Offering clothes provides safety for women

Offering slippers provide benefits of making a theertha yatra

Offering Mangalyam provides mangalya bhagyam

Offering gold mangalyam  provides marriage alliances

Offering umberlla will provide good future for children

Offering mats will provide remedy for severe diseases

Offering cows will remove several dosha's in  one's house

Offering fruits will increase longevity

Offering vegetables will provide good health for children

Offering rice will remove poverty

Offering oil will reduce cash problems

Offering flowers will provide good marriage life

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Aug 3, 2015

Hanuman subrabatham


ஆஞ்சநேய சுப்ரபாதம்

அமலா கனகவர்ணம் ப்ரஜ்வல பாவ காட்சம்
சரசஜனி பவத்ரம் ஸர்வதா சுப்ரசன்னம்
படுதர கணகாத்ரம் குண்டலாலம் க்ருதாம்கம்
ரணஜய கரவாலம் ராமதூதம் நமாமி ||
அஞ்சனா சுப்ரஜா வீரா பூர்வா சந்த்யா ப்ரபத்ததே |
உத்திஷ்ட ஹரிசார்தூல கர்த்தவ்யம் தெய்வ மாஹ்நிகம் ||
உத்திஷ்டோ த்திஷ்ட ஹனுமன் உத்திஷ்ட விஜயத்வஜ|
உத்திஷ்டரவிஜா காந்த த்ரைலோக்யம் மங்களம் குரு ||
ஸ்ரீராமசந்தரா சரணாபுஜ மத்தப்ருங்கா
ஸ்ரீராம மந்ர ஜபாஸ்ரீலா பவாப்தி போதா
ஸ்ரீஜானகி ஹிருதய தாப நிவார மூர்த்தே
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்
ஸ்ரீராம திவ்ய சரிதாம்ருத ச்வாதுலோலா
ஸ்ரீராம கிங்கர குணாகர தீணபந்தோ
ஸ்ரீராம பக்த ஜகதேகா மஹோக்ர சௌர்யா
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்
சுக்ரீவ மித்ர கபிஸேகர குண்ய மூர்த்தே
சுக்ரீவ ராகவ சமாகம திவ்ய கீர்த்தே
சுக்ரீவ மந்திரிவர சூர குலாக்ரகண்யா
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்
பக்தார்தி பஞ்சன தயகர யோகி வந்த்யா
ஸ்ரீகேஸரி ப்ரியதனுஜ்ய சுவர்ணதேஹி
ஸ்ரீபாஸ்கராத்மாஜ மனோம்புஜ சந்தரீகா
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்
ஸ்ரீ மாருத ப்ரிய தனுஜ மராபலாட்யா
மைனாக வந்தித பாதாம்புஜ தன்டிதாரின்
ஸ்ரீஉஷ்த்ர வாஹன சுலட்சனலட்சிதாநிக
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்
பஞ்சாந்நன்யா பவ பீதி ஹரஸ்யராமா
பாதாபஜசேவன பரஸ்ய பராத்பரயா
ஸ்ரீ அஞ்சனா ப்ரியஸுதஸ்ய சுவிக்ரஹச்யா
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்
கந்தர்வாயட்க்ஷா புஜகாதிபாக்ன்னர ஆச்ரசா
ஆதித்ய விஷ்வ வசுருத்ர மஹர்சி கம்கா(சுரக்க்ஷ சங்கா)
கங்கீர்தியன்தி தவதிவ்ய சுனாம் பம்திம்
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்
ஸ்ரீகௌதமிச்வனா தும்புராநாரதாத்ரி
மைத்ரேயா வ்யாச ஜனகாதி மஹர்சி சங்கா
காயன்தி ஹர்ச பரிதாஸ்தவ திவ்ய கீர்திம்
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்
பிருங்காவளிச மகரந்த ரசம் பிபேத்வை
குஜம் த்வதார்த மதுரம் சரனாயுதாஸ்ச
தேவாலயே கணகபீர சுசன்காகோஷ்ஹ
நிர்யான்தி வீர ஹனுமான் தவசுப்ரபாதம்
பம்பா சரோவர சுபுன்ய பவித்ர தீர்த்ர
ஆதாய ஹேமகல சைச்சா மஹர்க்ஷி ஸங்கா
திஷ்சன்தி த்வத்சரணா மங்கள சேவநார்த்தம்
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்
ஸ்ரீ சூர்ய புத்ரி ப்ரியநாத மனோன்ய மூர்த்தே
வாதாத்ம ஜாத கபீவீர சுபிங்கலாக்ஷா
சஞ்சீவராயா ரகுவீர சுபக்தவர்யா
ஸ்ரீவீரதீர ஹனுமான் தவ சுப்ரபாதம்

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 right mantra version is avilable in youtube sung by p.b.srinivas

Jul 20, 2015

Soundaryalahari written by Adisankarar

Sri aathisankarar after establishing 6 types of worship and sanathana dharma went to kailash and worshipped lord shiva. Lord shiva blessed him by giving 5 spadiga lingams and a bundle of songs written in palm leaves about Goddess parvathi.Sri adisankarar thanked lord siva by singing umamageswarar stotram and started his way back.But while returning nandhi who is the gatekeeper of Lord shiva got back some palm leaves and started reading it.41 songs were lost which are called as aanandalahiri and aathi sankarar came out of kailash with sadness. Sri ambigai asked him to recite the remaining 59 songs and sri adisankarar did as per her wish and it is called as soundaryalahiri.

5 lingams given by lord siva to sri adisankarar are installed  in kanchi, kedarnath, nepal, sriungeri and chidambaram.

Ilayaraja famous tamil musician had used the first song in soundaryalahiri in his janani janani song.

Soundaryalahiri is available in in pdf format.

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Jul 2, 2015

A pathigam which produces benefits of reading all pathigams

As per the request of his father, thirugnanasampanthar had created a song which gives the benefits of reading all pathigams.By reading this one will avoid rebirth after getting all the good things in this life and will reach lord siva's world.

ஓருரு வாயினை மானாங் காரத் 
தீரியல் பாயொரு விண்முதல் பூதலம் 
ஒன்றிய இருசுடர் உம்பர்கள் பிறவும் 
படைத்தளித் தழிப்பமும் மூர்த்திக ளாயினை 
இருவரோ டொருவ னாகி நின்றனை  

ஓரால் நீழல் ஒண்கழல் இரண்டும் 
முப்பொழு தேத்திய நால்வர்க் கொளிநெறி 
காட்டினை நாட்டமூன் றாகக் கோட்டினை 
இருநதி அரவமோ டொருமதி சூடினை 
ஒருதா ளீரயின் மூவிலைச் சூலம்  

நாற்கால் மான்மறி ஐந்தலை அரவம் 
ஏந்தினை காய்ந்த நால்வாய் மும்மதத் 
திருகோட் டொருகரி யீடழித் துரித்தனை 
ஒருதனு இருகால் வளைய வாங்கி 
முப்புரத் தோடு நானிலம் அஞ்சக்  

கொன்று தலத்துற அவுணரை யறுத்தனை 
ஐம்புலன் நாலாம் அந்தக் கரணம் 
முக்குணம் இருவளி யொருங்கிய வானோர் 
ஏத்த நின்றனை யொருங்கிய மனத்தோ 
டிருபிறப் போர்ந்து முப்பொழுது குறைமுடித்து 

நான்மறை யோதி ஐவகை வேள்வி 
அமைத்தா றங்க முதலெழுத் தோதி 
வரன்முறை பயின்றெழு வான்றனை வளர்க்கும் 
பிரமபுரம் பேணினை 
அறுபதம் முரலும் வேணுபுரம் விரும்பினை 

இகலிய மைந்துணர் புகலி யமர்ந்தனை 
பொங்குநாற் கடல்சூழ் வெங்குரு விளங்கினை 
பாணிமூவுலகும் புதையமேல் மிதந்த 
தோணிபுரத் துறைந்தனை தொலையா இருநிதி 
வாய்ந்த பூந்தராய் ஏய்ந்தனை  

வரபுரம் என்றுணர் சிரபுரத் துறைந்தனை
ஒருமலை யெடுத்த இருதிறல் அரக்கன் 
விறல்கெடுத் தருளினை புறவம் புரிந்தனை 
முந்நீர்த் துயின்றோன் நான்முகன் அறியாப் 
பண்பொடு நின்றனை சண்பை யமர்ந்தனை 

ஐயுறு மமணரும் அறுவகைத் தேரரும் 
ஊழியும் உணராக் காழி யமர்ந்தனை 
எச்சனே ழிசையோன் கொச்சையை மெச்சினை 
ஆறு பதமும் ஐந்தமர் கல்வியும் 
மறைமுதல் நான்கும்   

மூன்று காலமுந் தோன்ற நின்றனை
இருமையின் ஒருமையும் ஒருமையின் பெருமையும் 
மறுவிலா மறையோர் 
கழுமல முதுபதிக் கவுணியன் கட்டுரை 
கழுமல முதுபதிக் கவுணியன் அறியும் 

அனைய தன்மையை யாதலின் நின்னை 
நினைய வல்லவ ரில்லைநீள் நிலத்தே. 
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Jun 21, 2015

Nakshatra Offerings to Arunachala

It is repeatedly mentioned in the Skandapurana that Lord Shiva will always have a special connection towards those who undertake pradakshina, tapas and austerities at Arunachala. 

According to Nandikeswara, for heavenly enjoyments and eventual satisfaction, there is no greater place of sanctity than the Holy Hill. Remembrance of Arunachala purifies the mind, learning about its greatness perfects the ears and extolling its munificence sanctifies the tongue. It is also stated in the Purana that, “There will be no experience of physical and mental ailments wherever the lingam of Arunachaleswarar is worshipped”. 

Offerings during 27 Nakshatras 

Nakshatras or stars function as sensory organs of the Lord. Arunachaleswarar prefers particular offerings on each day of puja depending upon the ruling star of the day. The precise specification of offerings, however, has a scientific basis. For example, on the day ruled by Krittika (i.e. Moon in Krittika), which is an incendiary or fiery constellation in consonance with the Yajur Vedic hymn, "Agnirnahpaatu Krittikaaha . . ." evocative of light and fire, the offering of lamps (deepams) is suggested. It is therefore in the fitness of things that one offers just what is ordained as it is believed to greatly increase the significance of the seva. 

The below table is based upon the Skandapurana:- 

Day ruled by Nakshatra followed by Nature of Offering 

1. Aswini Vastram (Cloth)
2. Bharani Abharanam (Jewels)
3. Krittika Deepam (Lights)
4. Rohini Thaapyam (Hot Offerings)
5. Mrigasira Srigandham (Sandalpaste)
6. Aridra Harichandanam (Red Sandalpaste)
7. Punarvasu Kasturi
8. Pushyami Karpuram (Camphor)
9. Asiesha Kesari (Saffron)
10. Makha Pachakarpuram in water
11.Pubba Thambulam
12.Uttara Dhoopam (Incense)
13.Hastha Kaalaaguru (A Scent)
14.Chitta Anulepanam
15.Swati Scents
16.Vishaka Chaamaram (Traditional Fans)
17.Anuradha Swetachatram (White Umbrella)
18.Jyeshta Go-ghritam (Cow’s Ghee)
19.Moola Pearl Necklace
20.Purvashada Kireetam (Crown)
21.Uttarashada Nava-ratnams (9 Precious Stones)
22.Sravana Bhadraasanam (as Peeta)
23.Dhanishta Gold
24.Satabhisha Fine Articles
25.Purvabhadra Enjoyable (Bhogya) ones
26.Uttarabhadra Horse
27.Revati Golden Chariot
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Jun 18, 2015

Thavasimadai bairavar

People who are not  having good relations with their children as per their destiny can worship Kalabairavar in thavasimadai near thindukkal as it will improve the relationship.

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Jun 14, 2015

Cholapuram Bairaveswari

Cholapuram is the place where sri bairaveswarar head for 64 bairavars had blessed devotees The avatar before sri lalithambiga is sri bairaveswari and in cholapuram near kumbakonam ambigai had taken form as sri bairaveswari in ancient days. Aathibarasakthi had taken form as sri vajreswari in ancient days as she had blessed sage thathisi.

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May 21, 2015

Arunachala Oracle

“In India there is still a custom in villages of people depending on providence when there is no possibility of a decision being arrived at by reasoning on a particular matter, and of taking recourse to Dharmapatra, the leaf of impartiality to know the will of Providence; when they ascertain it thus, they act accordingly, without further argument or reasoning. The leaf of impartiality is made use of in the following manner:

“Yes” and “No” are written on some fragments of paper or on Vilva leaves, which are put into an empty water-pot, and a child is asked to pick up one fragment or a leaf. If the child picks up a “Yes” fragment, the person who has recourse to this expedient knows that Providence sanctions the contemplated course. If the other pieces is picked up, he takes it that the will of providence forbids the course.”

[Page 140 - Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master Part 1]

As well as the Leaf of Impartiality utilised in India for many hundreds of years, there are many other methods used by Devotees to access the will of Divine Providence. Sri Sathya Sai Baba often used to counsel his devotees that when they had a situation that required action, they could revert to “chits” in order to access the Will of Divine Providence. In this respect He suggested that the devotee keep a number of tokens or coins on their altar in order to access a “Yes” or “No” answer from the Divine.

A great devotee of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, Shri Madhav Lele published a well known book, “Your Questions and Shree Sai Baba Answers,” which is comprised of 720 possible answers available in response to a devotee’s question.

The premise of Arunachala Oracle is the same as the Leaf of Impartiality, the recommendation of chits from Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the book of guidance of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Arunachala Oracle is comprised of 630 possible answers compiled from sayings and recommendations of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Arunachala saints and devotees and answers of the book of Madhav Lele.

Please treat this programme with respect. You will receive an answer from Divine Providence directly proportionate to the extent of your seriousness and surrender.

[Shirdi Sai Baba]

On Arunachala Oracle there is meditation page, with devotional audios to allow you to quieten the mind before asking your question. When you feel ready to ask your question, type it in the question box at the bottom of the photograph of Lord Shiva and Nandi.

• Relax and meditate on the image of Lord Shiva with love

• With a quiet, humble heart ask for help and guidance

• Formulate your question in the mind

• Ask the Divine to provide you with a true and blessed answer

• Do not keep repeating a question till you get the answer you want

• If your confusion has not been satisfied, keep a prayerful attitude and return to the Oracle after a break of a few days and ask your question in another way

click here to visit the oracle

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May 15, 2015

Lord shiva worship for 27 stars

People born in one of the 27 stars can use this for their jenma nakshatra worship.

Aswini - siva with komatha

Bharani - siva with sakthi

Karthigai - siva alone

Rohini -  siva with moon in his head

Mirugasirisha - siva with murugan

Thiruvathirai - siva worshipped by snake

Punarpoosam - siva with vinayagar and murugan

Poosam - siva drinking poison

Ayilyam - siva with vishnu

Magam - siva placing vinayagar in his lap

Pooram - Arthanarreeswarar

Uthiram - Natarajar

Hastham - siva in meditating pose

Chithirai - siva with goddess parvathi seeing nandhi abhisegam

Swathi - Sagasralingam

Visagam - siva with parvathi  and kamadhenu

Anusham - siva worshipped by sri ram

Jyesta - siva with nandhi

Moolam - siva with sarpha vinayagar

Pooradam - siva with sakthi and vigneswara

Uthiradam - siva sitting on rishaba seeing abhisegam done by goddess parvathi

Thiruvonam - siva sitting on moon blessing vinayagar

Avittam - siva in bridegroom pose

Sathayam - siva with sakthi on rishaba

Pooratathi - siva placing vinayaga in front and parvathi along with him

Uthiratathi - siva in kailash

Revathi - siva with vinayagar, murugan and parvathi

Thanks to aanmigakadal blog.

May 7, 2015

Importance of using number 8 in life

There is a tamil proverb one will multiply 8 times, 8 generations..8 is a number related to planet saturn.It also signifies longevity.During saturn hora and saturday number 8's energy will be there. As number 8 is like two circles one above the other indicating reaching a hard goal step by step,using  it without avoiding in daily life will bring blessings of planet saturn. 

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Apr 27, 2015

Simple ways to bring blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on Akshaya tirithiyai

Akshaya means growth.This is a day for increasing our purva punya.This is the day for Lakshmi pooja by offering gheelamps before Goddess Laksmi in home.Buying rice which is not broken and keeping it in home and house wallet will bring goodness.Buying turmeric and keeping it in home is auspicious.Even buying little bit of salt and bringing it home will bring blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.Offering food to poor people, offering clothes, offering drinking water are good. Offering curd will remove any curse.Offering food to cow is very important. 

For more details visit right akshaya tirithiyai page..

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Benefits of Komiyam and Komuga Theertham

When a mixture of Komiyam and Komuga Theertham is sprinkled in home along with mantra recitation  with the prescribed number of times on particular stars several problems are cured. This is given by a disciple of pamban swamigal on Raj TV in a program called athma sangamam.

Any obstacle is removed if it is sprinkled on star aswini - Episode 57

Death fear will be removed if it is sprinkled on star barani - Episode 57

Problems by children are solved, separated children are united if it is sprinkled on star krittiga - Episode 57

Problems faced by children are solved when it is sprinkled on star rohini - Episode 58

Problems caused by mantras or tantras or any other negative elements are solved when it is sprinkled on star mirugasirisham - Episode 58

Blessings of god will be received  when it is sprinkled on star thiruvathirai - Episode 58

Longevity and blessings for married women regarding mangalyam are received when it is sprinkled on star punarpoosam - Episode 58

Curse of brahmins are removed, curse of cow is removed  when it is sprinkled on star punarpoosam - Episode 58

Accidents and problems through weapons are prevented  when it is sprinkled on star ayilyam - Episode 59

Peaceful end of life is provided   when it is sprinkled on star magam - Episode 59

Kala dosha, naga dosha are removed when it is sprinkled on star pooram - Episode 59

Money problems are solved when it is sprinkled on star utthiram - Episode 60

Problems in uterus are solved when it is sprinkled on star hastham - Episode 60

Prosperity in agriculture will be achieved when it is sprinkled on star chitthirai - Episode 61

Materials submitted for loan are gotten back when it is sprinkled on star swathi - Episode 61

Business will prosper when it is sprinkled on star visagam - Episode 61

Blessings of sadhus, guru are received when it is sprinkled on star anusham - Episode 64

Dosham caused for children, problems caused in brain, exam fear are cured when it is sprinkled on star  kettai - Episode 64

Problems caused in vehicles are solved when it is sprinkled on star moolam - Episode 64

People working in painting shops, drawing industry, cinema are benefited  when it is sprinkled on star pooradam - Episode 64

Skin allergies caused by insect bites are cured  when it is sprinkled on star utthiradam - Episode 65

Poverty will be removed  when it is sprinkled on star thiruvonam - Episode 66

Promotion in job, transfer for favourite place are provided when it is sprinkled on star avittam - Episode 66

Court cases are solved when it is sprinkled on star sathayam - Episode 67

Travelling will be successful and safe when it is sprinkled on star poorattathi - Episode 67

Prosperity in real estate will prosper when it is sprinkled on star uthiratathi - Episode 68

Safety for ladies while cooking will be received on star revathi - Episode 68


Apr 16, 2015

Importance of calling a child by its full name

In these days cutting the name of a chiuld while calling the child is a fashion. but if it is pronounced in a meaningless way nama shakthi will be reduced.A person should be called by his full name as it called by others a lakhs of times in one's life time like writing "sri ramajeyam" and should no be reduced like padmanaban as patthu as it will bring .

Thanks to agasthiar archives.

Mar 26, 2015

Seven Special Blessings for Girls and Women Everywhere

For all girls and women worshipping in saptha mangai temples is very important.

1) the blessing of good character, morality and good behavior, with the blessings of one's parents;
2)by the blessings of "holy maathaa" women spiritual elders, attaining to puberty and womanhood at the "appropriate" age;
3)by the divine grace of the seven "saptha kanni" maiden deities, growing up as chaste young adults with stellar morals;
4) by the blessings of the "rishi pathni" (wives of great rishis) mother deities, getting married at the appropriate age;
5)by the divine grace of the seven "saptha maathaa" mother deities, conducting married life properly and shining with purity in married life;
6) by the power of the benefits resulting from the worship procedures done by "pithru pathnis" (wives of pithru exalted beings), begetting children and thus ensuring the proper growth of the family;
7)by the divine grace of the Universal Mother Goddess, getting the ultimate blessing of "sayujya" (merging) with the Universal Mother Herself, i.e., the blessing of "moksha" salvation by meging with the Lotus Feet of the Mother Goddess.

Worshipping time

1) Anytime is a "good time" for worship - this is the basic Siddha rule.
2) Worshipping at all seven of these Sapta-mangai "kshetras" on one Sapthami thithi is wonderful.
3) Worshipping at all seven of these Sapta-mangai sacred spaces on one Sunday (since Sunday is ideal for worship of the Universal Mother Goddess).
4) Of course, worship at all seven of these kshetras on theBhanu-Sapthami Day (when Sapthami thithi occurs on a Sunday) will be so good.

Visit Sapathmangai sthalangal here

Thanks to agasthiar website.

Mar 19, 2015

Vada Thirunallar - A saturn temple in chennai

People who are unable to go to thirunallar to saneeswarar temple can visit chennai west mambalam venkatachalam street vada thirunallar temple.Here saneeswarar along with neela devi temple is situated looking east.Sri panjamuga anjaneyar and lord vinayagar can also be worshipped here.

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Mar 16, 2015

Benefits of fasting on Angaraga sathurthi

Planet mars is called as angaraga murthi and during tuesday combined with sathurthi fasting in temples named as agneeswarar like thirukattupalli and vayalur will remove clashes between familes. People should feed goats and end fasting by drinking goats milk. Mixing kumkum in goat's milk and doing abhisegam to angaraga murthi on sathurthi coming on tuesdays will result remove troubles in marriage.

Thansk to agasthiar archives

Mar 5, 2015

Saturn pooja for patients having fracture heart replacements

Patients who are having accidents now are treated with iron replacements inside their body. People who undergo treatments in hearts like placing pacemakers and people who have replacements of iron parts during their fractures have to worship planet saturn for their life long as it is called maraga thattu in ancient times.People who have this type of treatments have to offer silver kavasam for planet saturn in suyambu temples and saneeswarar temples.

Thanks to agasthiar archives. 

Feb 26, 2015

Margali month and ozone layer

During the tamil month of margali lord krishna is worshipped specially.Waking up in the morning and taking bath and reciting thiruvembavai, thirupalliyeluchi in perumal temples will give strong mind and most importantly peace in home.

Good prana energy is created during the morning while reciting this thirupavai songs and it is called ozone containg all positive energies and all over the world in the month of margali in the morning time this energy is produced all month.This is the reason for speciality of margali month. 

Feb 19, 2015

Benefits of Saturn worship in Konerirajapuram siva temple

A siva temple near kumbakonam in a place called konerirajapuram is very special as white clothes are offered to navagraga saturn here.People who want to control loss of money in business should worship lord vaithyanathaswami here on saturday and should offer 8 types of abhisegam to saturn along with pirandai rice and black clothes should be offered to common people who are in need. 

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Feb 12, 2015

Goddess Lakshmi and Sri Dhanam

Sri dhanam means goddess lakshmi herself blesses at a particular moment as different objects indicating goodness like turmeric, kumkum, flower, mangalyam, sangu, kalasam, mango leaf, lamp and coconut with turmeric paste in its outer shell.This are called as seethanam now when it is given in marriage for a girl from a parent. 

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Feb 10, 2015

Fasting on aegathasi tithi for removing last minute hurdles

People who observe fasting on aegathasi tithi atleast in one part of the day by doing abhisegams and offering 11 types of household products in places like rameswaram which has 11 theerthams or in temples which are named as aegambareswarar or in aegadasa linga murthi temples or places having 11 virutchams like banyan tree, neem tree, vilvam tree will get benefits in marriage, building houses as nlast minute hurdles are removed.

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Feb 6, 2015

Ancestors assets and Saturday Tharpanam

In every pooja conducted by people one part of benefits will reach their ancestors.Giving tharpanam, on saturday will bring ancestors assets to people who conduct them as ancestors worship sri surya narayanan and give the benefits to sri sanesswarar. 

Thanks to agasthiar archives.

Feb 3, 2015

Importance of Friday worship in Temples

In a week, friday worship is considered as an important one.On friday positive rays of planet venus is produced abundantly and every human being is blessed with positive energy of venus which signifies luxury, comfort and happiness of mind.This energy reduces depression and keeps the mind in relaxed  condition.
Worshipping mamonmani in temples on friday situated in utthira merur and kookur near kumbakonam by donating milk, fruit juices, sweet natural drinks will bring prosperity as manonmani is the goddess worshipped 
by siddhars as upasana devi.

Thanks to agasthiar archives.

Jan 29, 2015

Specialty of punarpoosam star

Lord sri ram's star is punarpoosam. Taking bath in a river or waterfall on punarpoosam will provide special blessings which help in clearing mind and body.Offering pirandai rice food in temples like dhanuskodi, rameswaram, pateeswaram will multiply the benefits of taking bath in a river as these temples are formed and worshipped by . lord sri ram.Nanhi bull here are called Ramanandhi and worshipping them and praying to them will provide relief for problems which cannot be shared to anyone.

Thanks to agathiar artchives.

Jan 26, 2015

Benefits of worshipping 63 nayanmars on Thuvithiyai tithi

People who want to remove curses of old aged people should worship 63 nayanmars, 12 alwars on thuvithiyai day as it will reduce the bad effect  and increase the blessings of old people. People who want to get indepth knowledge should follow thuvithiyai tithi worship as it helps to remove fear of death, fear of disease and old people curse.

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Jan 23, 2015

Timing of reciting maha mrithyunjaya mantra

Any one who have his horoscope  can ask his astrologer about his maragasthanathipathi, maraka planets  which are related to dasa, bhukthi and antharam and should worship them during marana yoga day. On this day yama dharma raja worship is important.Conducting maha mrithyunjaya homam and reciting maha  mrityunjaya mantra on marana yoga day will remove fear of death.

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Jan 19, 2015

Kagara ganapathy sahasranamam - For completion of temple work

Kagara ganapathy sagasranamam can be described as a song containing 1008 names of Lord ganesh starting with tamil letter  ka. Unfinished temples and unfinished buildings can be completed by starting ganapathy homam on sathurthasi  tithi and continuing kagara ganapathy sagasranamam on next day which may be a amavasai day or full moon day and offering 14 types of food in the same place.

A temple called sri pathaleeswarar temple situated in pudukottai district on the way of thirumayam to ponnamaravathi- kadiyapatti to rangiyam in a place called durvasapuram is very special for this pooja. Sri durvasa maharishi had offered this pooja in which lord ram also had prayed to lord siva  as he is also the one who had participated in it.

Thanks to agasthiar archives.

Jan 16, 2015

Benefits of Tulasi pooja

Tulasi name contains divine energies of aadi sihva, thulasinga perumal and bramma. Worshiping tulasi plant will bring blessings of lord siva, lord bramma and lord vishnu as tulasi devi had done a long panance for marrying lord vishnu.Tulasi plant should be be worshipped by applying sandal and kumkum daily by women and men and children if not possible for women.One should not pick tulasi leaf unless it is used for pooja or medicinal purposes.Worshipping tulasi plant will remove obstacles caused by time.

In madurai-vaadipatti-dindukkal route at a place called "ooruthattu", a siva lingam is there before sri narasinga perumal.Conducting  Pradosha pooja for this lingam will bring good children for a family. Twins have to worship this lingam. Dancers have to worship this lingam as in ancient days bharata natyam within a small plate had been conducted in this place.

Thanks to agasthiar archives.

Jan 13, 2015

Speciality of vedapureeswarar and vedanithi

Vedas are permanent and mylapore kapaleeswarar temple worshipped by sri ram is one such temple having vedanithi which originated as suyambu. Among 64 types of nithi veda nithi is one.This vedanithi originates from sanskrit and tamil which contains beej mantras. thiruvasagam, thirumanthiram, devaram, thirupugal, thiruarudpa are some tamil songs contain mantra shakthi which are equal to sanskrit mantras.Lord siva had blessed devotees in the name of vedapureeswarar in some temples and five elements contain vedanithi shakthi. tender coconut, munthiri, kismus fruit, tulasi and honey.These are called bheesma panchaga vasthu which are offered for vedapureeswarar.  

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For more details about lord shiva and mantras  visit

Jan 9, 2015

Sage agasthiar's Thirumagal thuthi

Sage agasthiar had created thirumagal thuthi in praise of sri mahalakshmi when he had visited sri mahalakshmi temple near kollapuram along with his wife sri lobamudra near gangai konda cholapuram.Whoever recite this song will get sri mahalakshmi blessings.One has to recite it daily by taking a copy of the song and placing itin pooja room.

1. மூவுலகும் இடரியற்றும் அடலவுணர் உயிரொழிய முனிவு கூர்ந்த
பூவைஉறழ் திருமேனி அருட்கடவுள் அகன்மார்பில் பொலிந்து தோன்றித்
தேவர்உல கினும் விளங்கும் புகழ்க்கொல்லா புரத்தினிது சேர்ந்து வைகும்
பாவைஇரு தாள்தொழுது பழமறைதேர் குறுமுனிவன் பழிச்சு கின்றான்

2. கொழுதியிசை அளிமுரலும் தாமரைமென் பொகுட்டிலுரை கொள்கைபோல

மழையுறழுத் திருமேனி மணிவண்ணன் இதயமலர் வைகு மானே…
முழுதுலகும் இனிதீன்ற அருட்கொம்பே கரகமலம் முகிழ்ந்தெந் நாளுங்
கழிபெருங்கா தலில்தொழுவோர் வினைதீர அருள்கொழிக்குங் கமலக்கண்ணாய்…

3. கமலைதிரு மறுமார்பன் மனைக்கிழத்தி செழுங்கமலக் கையாய் செய்ய

விமலைபசுங் கழைகுழைக்கும் வேனிலோன் தனையீன்ற விந்தை தூய
அமுதகும்ப மலர்க் கரத்தாய் பார்கடலுள் அவதரித்தோய் அன்பர் செஞ்சத்
திமிரமகன் றிட வொளிருஞ் செஞ்சுடரே எனவணக்கஞ் செய்வான் மன்னோ…..

4. மடற்கமல நறும்பொ குட்டில் அரசிருக்கும் செந்துவர்வாய் மயிலே மற்றுன்
கடைக்கணருள் படைத்தன்றோ மணிவண்ணன் உலகமெலாங் காவல் பூண்டான்
படைத்தனன்நான் முகக்கிழவன் பசுங்குழவி மதிபுனைந்த பரமன் தானும்
துடைத்தனன்நின் பெருங் கீர்த்தி எம்மனோ ரால் எடுத்துச் சொல்லார் பாற்றோ…..

5. மல்லல்நெடும் புவியனைத்தும் பொது நீக்கித் தனிபுரக்கு மன்னர் தாமும்

கல்வியினில் பேரறிவில் கட்டழகில் நிகரில்லாக் காட்சி யோடும்….
வெல்படையில் பகைதுரந்து வெஞ்சமரில் வாகைபுனை வீரர் தாமும்
அல்லிமலர்ப் பொகுட்டுறையும் அணியிழைநின் அருள் நோக்கம் அடைந்துளாரே…..

6. செங்மலப் பொலந்தாதில் திகழ்தொளிரும் எழில்மேனித் திருவே வேலை

அங்கண்உல கிருள் துலக்கும் அலர்கதிராய் வெண்மதியாய் அமரர்க் கூட்டும்
பொங்கழலாய் உலகளிக்கும் பூங்கொடியே நெடுங்கானில் பொருப்பில் மண்ணில்
எங்குளைநீ அவனன்றோ மல்லல்வளம் சிறந்தோங்கி இருப்ப தம்மா…..

7. என்று தமிழ்க் குறுமுனிவன் பன்னியொடும் இருநிலத்தில் இறைஞ்ச லோடும்

“நன்றுனது துதிமகிழ்ந்தோம் நான்மறையோய் இத்துதியை நவின்றோர் யாரும்
பொன்றலரும் பெரும்போகம் நுகர்ந்திடுவோர் ஈங்கிதனைப் பொறித்த ஏடு
மன்றல்மனை அகத்திருப்பின் வறுமைதரு தவ்வை அவன் மருவல் செய்யாள்….”

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