Nov 24, 2014

Lakshmi pooja

Lakshmi pooja includes placing 12 lakshmi products  like lotus, vilvam, gold, nelli, cow ghee in a single lotus flower in front of photo of sri lakshmi and worshipping with nelli fruits.Then it should be converted in to pickles and it should be offered along with food for poor people.

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Want to do lakshmi pooja? visit jaghamani blog for more details in tamil.

Nov 17, 2014

Importance of playing Koko game

Everyboody have played games like pondy, koko, five stones games as a small children.This games are taught in ancient days as are containing single leg yoga pose and double leg yoga pose.Five stone game gives good strength to eye sight and hands as eyes and hands are used in this game.This types of games when played on thuvathisi tithi will give good benefits regarding health as in ancient days these are played daily evening.

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Nov 12, 2014

Importance of Pooram star worship

People who had not got blessings from their parents during their marriage, who had ill treated their parents should worship on pooram star for making them to rest in peace in Thirivarankulam siva temple near pudukottai. They should also worship god and goddess starting with name as "karpaga" like karpaga vinayagar, karpaga valli, or karpagambigai amman by offering pachai karpooram for abhisegam in temples like thiruvalanjuli and thiruthangal along with sandal paste, javvathu. This will improve relationhips between parants and children.

aarathi should be taken atleast six times on pooram star in home and small female kids should do this ritual by completing it by pouring the finished aarathi in middle of kolam drawn before the house as it will bring good blessings of small dieties.

If aarathi is taken on pooram star which comes on friday it will remove poverty as it is called as "sukraboothi pooram".

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Nov 4, 2014

Worshipping cow for money problems

People who worship cow by touching at back side of it where sri mahalakshmi is residing  and coming around it three times in early morning will get remedy for money problems.Taking foot soil of a cow and putting it in new yellow cloth and keeping it poja room will protect the family from evil forces.This foot soil of cow will protect one from mrithyunjaya dosha if little bit of it is mixed with bathing water.

Thanks to agasthiar archives.


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