Mahalayapaksham and marutham tree

Mahalaya amavasai is one of the important days for giving tharpanam to ancestors for any human being.On this day pithrus and ancestors worship in three main temples where marutham tree is present.Marutham tre is called arjuna tree as it has maharudra shakthi where arjuna had learned about permanent peace under god.First one is sree sailam(mallikarjunar).Second one is thiruvidaimaruthur.Third one is  thirupudaimaruthur situated in thirunelveli - veervanallur-thenkasi route at a distance of 10 kms from veeravanallur.

People who worship this three temples on the same day  by giving tharpanam, thivasam,dhanam,dharmam during mahalaya amavasai will get relief from biggest problems hanging above their head as knife.

For ancestors there are special temples like rameshvaram, thiruvidaimaruthur, poovalur, thilithaipathi, nedungudi, kuruvi rameshvaram, manmelkudi, kodikarai which gives mukthi for them.

More information about three marutham temples in tamil is here.

More infor about pithru tharpanam is here

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