Lotus fibre lingam

Ancestors have quoted that doing dharma in a simple way every day will save you in difficult times even if you give a used cloth of yours which was not fit by properly washing it and  offering it to people who cannot even afford clothes.This will save poorva punya and for not wasting this purva punya in unnecessary ways one has to follow kabala chandra pudam fasting during the days where moon is in  kadaga rasi in a month. Worshipping lotus fibre lingam in temples which has lord siva's name like chandra mouleeswarar, chandra sekarar should be followed on this day.

 Lotus fibre lingam can be worshipped in perumagalur in the route of peravurani-perumagalur-meemechal route during moon's entry of kadga rasi where  kadagam is the zodiac house of  moon. Reciting Abirami anthathi  will do more good on this day.

Thanks to agasthiar archives.


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