Aug 29, 2014

Benefits of Somavara amavasai pradhashinam

Lord krishna had given a boon to people such that whoever come to temples on somavara amavsai on monday and perform anga pradhakshina, adi pradakshina, nadai pradakashna (step by step walking) and offer 32 types of dhana dharma will get blessings of sun and moon as both these sun and moon also come along with them as ordered by lord krishna.

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Aug 25, 2014

Bothayana amavasai

In epic mahabharatha, lord krishna offered tharpanam by bringing sun and moon together to his place before one day of amavasai and it is called bothayana amavasai where sathurthasi and amavasai appear in the same day. By doing it he made the words of sagadeva that whoever starts war during amavasai will win it paving way for the victory of panadavas.Bothayana amavasai is offered to the world by lord sri krishna and offering tharpanam in sri vanchiyam,thiruvayaru, thiruvidaimaruthur, thirunedungalam and kanchathu malai will solve problems between parents and children.

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Aug 22, 2014

Benefits of offering kitchen utensils to temples

Every planet represent a metal.Offering kitchen utensils, small bells  even if it is a small vessel freely for any temple every year will remove problems between children and parents as it may cause problems in lineage which will extend to future generations. It will be better to offer kitchen utensils on saturday.

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Aug 18, 2014

Lotus fibre lingam

Ancestors have quoted that doing dharma in a simple way every day will save you in difficult times even if you give a used cloth of yours which was not fit by properly washing it and  offering it to people who cannot even afford clothes.This will save poorva punya and for not wasting this purva punya in unnecessary ways one has to follow kabala chandra pudam fasting during the days where moon is in  kadaga rasi in a month. Worshipping lotus fibre lingam in temples which has lord siva's name like chandra mouleeswarar, chandra sekarar should be followed on this day.

 Lotus fibre lingam can be worshipped in perumagalur in the route of peravurani-perumagalur-meemechal route during moon's entry of kadga rasi where  kadagam is the zodiac house of  moon. Reciting Abirami anthathi  will do more good on this day.

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Aug 15, 2014

Speciality of Parrot in meenakshi temple

In madurai meenakshi temple, Goddess meenakshi has parrot on her right shoulder.In kanchanagaram near mayiladuthurai thungasthanambigai amman has parrot on her left shoulder.According to sages parrot is a bird containing a specific form of vedas as people who want good knowledge in vedas can worship here on wednesday,  navami and karthigai star. 

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Aug 12, 2014

Mahalayapaksham and marutham tree

Mahalaya amavasai is one of the important days for giving tharpanam to ancestors for any human being.On this day pithrus and ancestors worship in three main temples where marutham tree is present.Marutham tre is called arjuna tree as it has maharudra shakthi where arjuna had learned about permanent peace under god.First one is sree sailam(mallikarjunar).Second one is thiruvidaimaruthur.Third one is  thirupudaimaruthur situated in thirunelveli - veervanallur-thenkasi route at a distance of 10 kms from veeravanallur.

People who worship this three temples on the same day  by giving tharpanam, thivasam,dhanam,dharmam during mahalaya amavasai will get relief from biggest problems hanging above their head as knife.

For ancestors there are special temples like rameshvaram, thiruvidaimaruthur, poovalur, thilithaipathi, nedungudi, kuruvi rameshvaram, manmelkudi, kodikarai which gives mukthi for them.

More information about three marutham temples in tamil is here.

More infor about pithru tharpanam is here

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Aug 8, 2014

Relation of Lotus and food

Lotus flower has yoga shakthi called "samagama yoga shakthi" as it can be used for eating food from top or bottom as it had the power to remove food related doshas called "anna dwesham". Diabetes is caused by anna dwesham.For getting relief from diabetes one has to provide honey, palpayasam with jack fruit in temples having names of god and goddess like mathura nayagi, madurambal, maduvaneswarar during a time called " marana yoga" as it has the capacity to cure the  dead cells.

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Aug 4, 2014

Speciality of Varahi in brahadeeswarar temple

Lord siva is called as Brahadeeswarar in tanjore temple as the word brahat indicates the cosmic world and as he is the one providing the energy for survival through plants in this earth.Varahi ambigai blesses this energy as she is the one who is responsible for it.She is the ambigai to be worshipped before starting any new venture as she had blessed karuvur siddhar with knowledge. 

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Aug 1, 2014

Relation of Saturn with truth

Navagraga saturn is called saneeswarar as he is the one who gives good and bad events in his transits to people according to their karma.According to sages, like every human being who gets good or bad events every country has karma.Navagraga Saturn worships in siva temples during "kari naal"  of every month in sathyaloga to uphold truth in earth.Maha rishis belonging to sathya logam conduct special pooja by doing honey abhisegam for sivalingam on this day. In earth  sathya sakthi temples are having names like sathyapureeswarar, sathyagreeswarar, sathyamangalam, sakthi mutram which indicate by their name itself. During this "kari naal" people who want to reduce this bad karma and who want to be truthful by not telling lies should offer  their pooja in sathya sakthi temples to navagraga saturn and lord siva by offering sesame garland made of sesame seeds in round shape. 

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