Pancha sri sivathala pooja

Goddess Lakshmi reside in back side of vilva leaf. Worshipping lord siva by conducting pancha sri siva thala pooja atleast one time in a year will bring blessings of sathya and dharma which is in sri thalam back in a family.

Five types of pooja jointly called as pancha sri siva thala pooja.

1.Worshipping in suyambu temples of lord siva during valarpirai pradosham and theipirai pradosham.
2.Coming girivalam during theipirai sivarathiri which comes before or after pradosham
3.Giving tithi for ancestors by providing food in lord perumal temples during amavasai which comes after thipirai sathurthasi tithi sivarathiri.
4.Conducting gaja pooja during valarpirai sathurthasi tithi
5.Coming girivalam during pournami which comes after valarpirai sathurthasi tithi

Thanks to agasthiar archives.


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