Jun 30, 2014

Pancha sri sivathala pooja

Goddess Lakshmi reside in back side of vilva leaf. Worshipping lord siva by conducting pancha sri siva thala pooja atleast one time in a year will bring blessings of sathya and dharma which is in sri thalam back in a family.

Five types of pooja jointly called as pancha sri siva thala pooja.

1.Worshipping in suyambu temples of lord siva during valarpirai pradosham and theipirai pradosham.
2.Coming girivalam during theipirai sivarathiri which comes before or after pradosham
3.Giving tithi for ancestors by providing food in lord perumal temples during amavasai which comes after thipirai sathurthasi tithi sivarathiri.
4.Conducting gaja pooja during valarpirai sathurthasi tithi
5.Coming girivalam during pournami which comes after valarpirai sathurthasi tithi

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Jun 27, 2014

Sivasoodabala pradosham

When a pradosham occurs on the same day of sivarathiri it is called sivasoodabala pradosham.Siddhars worship lord siva in temples where he had originated as a suyambu.People who follw this sivasoodabala pradosha pooja will get benefits for their previous worships in their previous births.It will also provide children with good habits and protect women.

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Scientific details about pradosham is here


Jun 20, 2014

Benefits of vidya lakshmi worship

Friday, Thuvathasi tithi, Friday are special days containing blessings of goddess lakshmi. During these days vidyaranya siddhar, vidhyabala siddhar worship in temples containing vidya sakthi and offer them in payasam and full lotus.People who use this for worshipping lakshmi on this special days will get more knowledge which is used for getting money for their living.

Students should worship Goddess Saraswathi and Sri Haygreevar on wednesdays by offering full lotus for getting knowledge.

Among Panadvas Sagadeva had worshipped Goddess Lakshmi during mercury hora and got vidyalakshmi blessings. 

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Jun 13, 2014

Krithigai star worship for couples

There is a shiva called "piriyavidai eesan" who blesses couples with divine bonding if they worship him on rohini star on wednesdays and saturdays.

Couples who want  good bonding between them should start fasting on krithigai star and should finish it on rohini star by worshipping lord krishna for 2 days in morning and evening.

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Jun 11, 2014

Benefits of worshipping krishna on rohini star

Rohini star has the ability of removing severe money problems as it has the blessings of lord krishna.If rohini star appears before sun rise it is called rohinitha sani.If rohini star appears after sun rise it is called sanittha rohini.This day is suitable for lord krishna in black colours.This will help  in removing black dosha which cause severe money problems.Worshipping lord krishna in  Triplicane parthasarathy temple, Madurai thiruthangal perumalappar temple  sanittha rohini will bring good benefits related to money.

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Jun 9, 2014

Benefits of worshipping pancha vilvams

Vilvam, Kiluvai, Mavilangai, Vila and Nochi are called as Pancha vilva virutchams. Worshipping this pancha vilvam will bring good married life to unmarried women.  

Jun 6, 2014

Benefits of Namasmarana Pooja

By telling the names of Pancha mathas agalya, seetha, mandothari, draupathi and thara devi by doing namasmarana pooja during sevvai hora and tuesdays will  bring blessings of ancestors.Namasmarana pooja can be observed by saying Sri agalya devi potri, Sri seetha devi potri, Sri mandothari devi potri, Sri draupathi devi potri, Sri thara devi potri during pooja according to siddhars.

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Jun 4, 2014

Blessings of Pancha Matha

According to siddhars Agalya devi, Draupathi devi, Seetha devi, Thara devi, Mandithari devi are called as Pancha mathas.These five mathas had observed strict penace during their life time and had offered their blessings for married women.

On tuesday by telling this 5 names of panchamatha and offering jasmine garland by placing it on lotus first during pooja and offering it to women will remove mangalya dosham.

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