Subramanya swamy temple - Thiruttani

Thiruttani murugan temple is 5 th arubadai veedu  as it is one of the 6 special temples for lord muruga.People worship lord vinayaga called aabathsagaya vinayagar while leaving the temple as it is the ritual followed here..


365  stones which are laid as path to the temple represent 365 days in a year. Rudraksha mandapa here is made of 1 lakh rudrashas which is also the urchavar temple.Lord muruga has shakthi hastham weapon in his right hand and has been worshipped as gnanasakthi here.Elephant is in the place of peacock in main temple.
Bairavar can be seen with 4 dogs representing 4 vedas.

Coins according to their body weight are given as a ritual by the devotees here.Pongal, santhana kappu, panchamirtha abhisegam, milk abhisegam, lighting lamps, milkpot, kavadi  are offered to lord muruga here after fulfillment of wishes.


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