Apr 30, 2014

Subramanyar temple - ammayarkuppam

Rarely in some places in murugan temples, one can see peacock which is the vehicle of lord muruga. In a murugan temple in thiruvallur, one can see peacock  in abundance.


One can see kirubananda variyar's statue here. Lord siva is called as amirthalingeswarar and amirthavalli. During pradosham, sivarathiri and mahasivarathiri and thiruvathirai special pooja;s are conducted.Shasti is observed specially here for getting a child by the devotees. In tamil month of aadi, during krittigai star special pooja's are conducted as milkpot, kavadi are offered by devotees after fulfillment of wishes.

On the way to cholingar to thiruthani R.K.Pettai is situated.From here one has to  travel 4 kms to reach this temple.

Apr 28, 2014

Importance of reading Sundara kandam

Sundara kandam in epic ramayana is very special and reading it daily will remove bad effects of evil planets in one's birth chart to a great extent.As it is large one, all cannot read it in a single day.Heart specialist Dr geetha subramanyam had given ramayana in 28 lines in tamil which gives the blessings of reading sundara kanadam.

"வில்லது ஏந்தி வந்தாய்!

வன் பகை தன்னை வென்றாய்!

கல்லது பெண்ணாய்ச் செய்தாய்!

கனிந்ததோர் அன்பில் நின்றாய்!

வில்லது வளைத்து அங்கே

மிதிலையின் மகளை மணந்தாய்!

சொல்லது ஒன்றே யென்றாய்!

தந்தையின் வாக்கு ஏற்றாய்!

தம்பிக்கு தேசம் தந்தாய்!

தியாகமே உருவாயானாய்!

பஞ்சென பாதமமைந்த

நங்கையாம் சீதையுடனே

தம்பியாம் இலக்குவன் தொடர 

கடுவனம் விரும்பிப் புகுந்தாய்!

ராவணன் கவர்ந்து சென்ற

பைந்தொடி சீதை தன்னை

அஞ்சனை புத்ரன் துணையால் 

செரு வென்று மீட்டு வந்தாய்!

சிவனவன் பாதம் தொழுது

சிந்தையில் மகிழ்வு கொண்டு

அயோத்தி மீண்டு வந்து

பட்டத்து அரசனானாய்!

பார் புகழ் சீதாராமா!

பரிவுடை பரந்தாமா!

சீருடன் எம்மைக் காப்பாய்!

சிந்தையைத் தெளியச் செய்வாய்!

கார் பொழி வெள்ளம் போலக் 

கருணையும் மிகுத்துத் தருவாய்!'

Thanks to OM magazine

Apr 25, 2014

For a happy marriage life

People who want to remarry should worship third day moon or moondram pirai for a better married life. Moondram pirai worship will reduce  karma which is affecting the family in every lineage.Blood pressure will get cured.Elders of the family will be protected from amnesia. 

Thanks to agasthiar archives.

Apr 23, 2014

Harmony between parents and children

In every family there will be differences between parents and children or between couples.For solving this mental differences, they should worship third day moon which is called as moondram pirai or growing moon. In this time wives of 27 stars worship moondram pirai worship.So parants and children should offer worship to chandirasekarar, chandira mouleeswarar, somanathar lingams which has energy of moon and should offer white flowers, white clothes and white payasam , milk with munthiri to people.People who worship moondram pirai in same temple 3 times will remove differences between parents and children.

Thanks to agasthiar blog.

Apr 21, 2014

Causes for continuous illness in a family

In a family, if people are affected by continuous illness, it indicates ancestors of the family are suffering.The affected family should visit maruntheeswarar, vaithyanathar, owshatheeswarar, arumarunthu nayagi, dhanvanthri temples on ayilyam star and worship them by offering kappu with sesame seeds and santhana kappu with medicinal herbs. They should also offer foods with keerai to people.This will give relief for ancestors and will provide relief to the family from illness. 

Thanks to agasthiar archives.   

Apr 18, 2014

Timing of giving tharpanam

Generally on amavasai day, prayers to ancestors are offered by giving tharpanam.The timimg of giving tharpanam should be before 11 am. Giving tharpanam on sathurthasi tithi will give remedy for ancestors who had spend their life without education and enough money.Giving tharpanam on sapthami tithi will give remedy for ancestors who had hearing problems in their life time.

Thanks to agasthiar archives.

Apr 16, 2014

Speciality of Thookanaanguruvi bird

Thookanaanguruvi is called as  Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus) in english  is a weaverbird found across the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.It builds its nest according to vaasthu right from selecting the tree in which it is going to build its nest and direction in which the nest should face.It is a special ability of this bird.

People who want to built basement for new house can worship nest of thookananguruvi by worshipping the tree in which the nest is found by coming round 18 times. It is considered to be a good sign if nest of thookananguruvi is found while going girivalam in thiruannamalai or in a while going to a temple.  

Thanks to agasthiar archives.  

Apr 14, 2014

Proper way of worshipping god in valarpirai and theipirai tithi

Our ancestors started praying on theipirai astami tithi to bairavar to reduce their problems and finish their prayer on valarpirai astami tithi by praying to god to increase their wealth, happiness and good things in life.   During valarpirai tithi from amavasai to pournami one should worship god only for their needs.During theipirai  tithi from  the day next to pournami to day before amavasai one should worship god only for decreasing their problems.This is the proper way of worship. 

Thanks to aanmeegachudar blog.

Apr 11, 2014

Speciality of Thiruvonam star for Couples

There is a worship for Couples to be inseparable. Couples who want to be united forever should make fast on thiruvonam star chanting 1008 names of lord perumal and should worship him in the evening. After sunset, couples should find the place of thiruvonam star in sky and should worship it.

This ritual will remove poverty through pithru blessings.One should rise early morning on this day and should light lamps which should produce light for atleast 3 hours continuously.

Thanks to agnisiksha archives.

Apr 9, 2014

Removing mrithyu dosha for living a long life

In some families, family members are affected by death in a young age collapsing the family.This is caused by mrithyu dosha. People affected by this should offer tharpanam sri somanathar near peravurani in pudukottai, kuruvi rameswaram, nedungudi, navabhasanam on vaithiruthi yoga day in the morning in lotus leaf and should offer cocunut rice for removing mrithyu dosha. 

Apr 7, 2014

Subramanya swamy temple - Thiruttani

Thiruttani murugan temple is 5 th arubadai veedu  as it is one of the 6 special temples for lord muruga.People worship lord vinayaga called aabathsagaya vinayagar while leaving the temple as it is the ritual followed here..


365  stones which are laid as path to the temple represent 365 days in a year. Rudraksha mandapa here is made of 1 lakh rudrashas which is also the urchavar temple.Lord muruga has shakthi hastham weapon in his right hand and has been worshipped as gnanasakthi here.Elephant is in the place of peacock in main temple.
Bairavar can be seen with 4 dogs representing 4 vedas.

Coins according to their body weight are given as a ritual by the devotees here.Pongal, santhana kappu, panchamirtha abhisegam, milk abhisegam, lighting lamps, milkpot, kavadi  are offered to lord muruga here after fulfillment of wishes.

Apr 4, 2014

Speciality of Thirumagal Pooja

Money  has to be earned in a good way, multiplied in a good way and should be used for good purposes.It is the only way for money to be stable in one's house.This is called "sthira sri bhagyam". Thuvathisi coming on monday's is a special day for cows as they will not eat on that day.This is a special day for conducting thirumagal pooja. 

Sagasra lakshmeeswarar sivalingam in theeyathur near avudayar kovil is a temple which gives remedy for money problems.   

Thanks to agnisiksha. More details about doing thirumagal pooja is here.

Apr 2, 2014

Speciality of worshipping Bannariamman on sunday

Worshipping samayapuram mariyamman, bannariyamman on sundays by doing adipradakshina will increase the stability for legs and will help the family in the birth of next generation children without any difficulty in a spiritual way.  


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