Jan 31, 2014

Suruli Velappar temple - Theni

In a murugan temple, sand when it is dried turns in to vipoothi paste.A tree has turned in to rock due to fall of continuous water on it in this temple.The temple is surulivelappar temple in surulimalai in theni.


Tree leaves which are under water for 48 days will turn in to rock.The rock where waterfalls is situated is not slippery.Dried sand is  turns in to vipoothi here.A tree has turned in to rock due to fall of continuous water on it  in this place.During amavasai in tamil months of aadi, purattasi and thai devotees take bath in suruli theertham and offer tithi and tharpanam to ancestors here.During aadi amavasai, special pooja is offered t lord muruga. Boothanarayana perumal temple is also special here.In this temple one can worship lord siva as it is special.Devotees offer milk pot to lord muruga and offer annathanam to all after fulfillment of wishes.

Lots of caves with ponds can be seen here.This hill is in the form of "OM".OIn one of the caves one can worship lord siva and above this lord muruga's temple.

This temple is situated at kambam which is a distance of 40 kms from theni.From there one has to travel 9 kms to reach surulimalai.

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