Song for getting blessings of Goddess Saraswathi

Goddess Saraswathi  is called as Kalaimagal in tamil.She will be having scripture in one hand, sandal beads  in another hand, Veena in another hand.Whoever pray to goddess saraswathi will get victory in getting good knowledge, music knowledge and mantra prayers.

Sagalakalavalli maalai is the song written by kumara gurubarar swamigal which will get blessings of Goddess Saraswathi.This will help people in getting her blessings.

1.One should leave eating non vegetarian food  permanently before starting this procedure.
2.One should start reciting Sagalakalavalli maalai on Wednesday,Aswini star or navami tithi
3.One should start by lighting two lamps using castor oil facing north side before Goddess Sarawathi in        temple .
4.Then one should face west side and should recite sagalakalavalli maalai 9 times.
5.Then one should return home and should light two lamps and recite the song 9 times.
6.Lamps should be lighted compulsorily.
7.Then one should recite it 1 time a day for  48 days .
8.On the first and last day one should offer sugar rice, lemon rice or tamarind rice to goddess saraswathi.
9.This will bring goo knowledge, good reading and writing power in various languages, good music knowledge, and victory in competitions.

Go here for reading Sagalakalavalli maalai in tamil in aanmeegachudar blog.


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