Shanmuganathar temple - Kundrakudi

Lord muruga can be seen with sri valli and deivanai in a peacock in most of the temples.Only a single peacock will be there as a vehicle for all of them.But one can see lord muruga, sri valli and deivanai on separate peacocks in a place called kundrakudi.


Kundrakudi kavadi is so special as people offer it as a form of prayer for solved problems in health issues.Milk pot is offered to lord muruga as an offering.Silver forms representing human parts are offered to lord muruga for health issues. Salt and milagu are poured n saravanapoigai pond and idumban temple for skin problems.  Spices representing navagraga are offered by farmers for abundance production in agriculture.Kundrakudi is called Mayilmalai.  

This temple is situated at a distance of 10 kms from karaikudi.


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