Aditya Hirudayam for getting Government job

Aditya Hirudayam is a song provided by sage agasthiar to lord sri ram for getting the blessings of sun.This song provides courage, victory, punya and long life.People who are trying for government job can try this method.

1.People who want to try this procedure must avoid non veg for life.
2.This procedure should be started in sun hora on sundays, or on  stars like krittiga, uttirai and uttiradam.
3.first one has to light 2 lamps.
4.Then pray kuladeva, lord ganapathy and one's favourite god and lord sun in standing position.
5.Then sit on a towel and recite aditya hirudayam 3 times.
6.This procedure should be recited for 16 sundays.
7.On last sunday, payasam sweet made of  wheat should be offered to sun.Only sugarcane sugar should be added to this.
8.This will bring blessings of sun in getting a government job.

Thanks to aanmeegachudar blog which had provided this procedure in tamil. 


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