Jan 31, 2014

Suruli Velappar temple - Theni

In a murugan temple, sand when it is dried turns in to vipoothi paste.A tree has turned in to rock due to fall of continuous water on it in this temple.The temple is surulivelappar temple in surulimalai in theni.


Tree leaves which are under water for 48 days will turn in to rock.The rock where waterfalls is situated is not slippery.Dried sand is  turns in to vipoothi here.A tree has turned in to rock due to fall of continuous water on it  in this place.During amavasai in tamil months of aadi, purattasi and thai devotees take bath in suruli theertham and offer tithi and tharpanam to ancestors here.During aadi amavasai, special pooja is offered t lord muruga. Boothanarayana perumal temple is also special here.In this temple one can worship lord siva as it is special.Devotees offer milk pot to lord muruga and offer annathanam to all after fulfillment of wishes.

Lots of caves with ponds can be seen here.This hill is in the form of "OM".OIn one of the caves one can worship lord siva and above this lord muruga's temple.

This temple is situated at kambam which is a distance of 40 kms from theni.From there one has to travel 9 kms to reach surulimalai.

Jan 29, 2014

Benefits of worshipping Dhanavidya Ganapathy

Lord vinayaga with sangu and sakkaram as lord perumal is called as dhanavidyai ganapathy.Dhanavidyai ganapathy temple is in kanchipuram and people who worship him with 108 sangu along with sounds of 108 sangu during valarpirai sathurthi will get remedy for problems like early deaths due to suicides and accidents in family lineage.

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Jan 27, 2014

Sri Rathna tharpa ganapathy

Sri Rathna tharpa ganapathy is the main god for 11 egadesa murthy in rameswaram.People who worship him egadasi tithi with 11 abhisegams and 11 food varieties will bring good prosperity for their family.People who need material prosperity can worship sri vancha ganapathy on thuvathisi tithi and sri rathna ganapathy on egathasi tithi. 

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Jan 24, 2014

Virupachi arumaga nayinar temple - Theni

Only some temples have lord murga bless devotees by having special appearances as one of the murugan in theni district has lord muruga with peacock where 7 headed snake s covering him.


 Near main murugan idol, lord murga with peacock covered by 7 snakes bless devotees to get remedy from nagadosha.First pooja is offered for this idol of lord muruga. Near selva ganapathy, naga vigneswarar can also be seen in this temple.Lord siva with rudrasha bless devotees here and is called as rudra murthy.Sivalingam here is also seen with rudraksha. Annalingam which is made of rice in tamil month of aipasi is special here.

This temple is situated in the way of theni to bodi in a place called kodangipatti theerthathotti.

Jan 22, 2014

Benefits of Varatharajaperumal pooja

People who have money problems related to land, house can offer food to people after worshipping varatharajaperumal, varahi and pathala murthy which will provide new ways to solve money problems.

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Jan 20, 2014

Sri Mahalakshmi Astagam

People who want to remove money problems can recite sri mahalakshmi astagam which is written by indra for getting the blessings of sri mahalakshmi. Reciting sri mahalakshmi astgam for 1 time will remove all sins.It will bring money and abundant wealth if it is recited 2 times daily.Disturbances of enemies will be reduced to nil if it is recited 3 times.

Visit aanmeegachudar to find Sri Mahalakshmi Astagam in tamil.

Jan 17, 2014

Swaminatha swamy temple - Swamimalai

In some temples, lord murugan can be seen in different forms during abhisegam. In swamimalai, in thanjavur district, he appears as gnani during vipoothi abhsegam and as balasubramaniyan during sandal paste. abhisegam.

Lord muruga in swamimalai has elephant as his vehicle and this is a rare thing for worship.When lord muruga is closely watched, heand his place where he is standing appears as  a sivalinga form together. 60 steps here are worshipped during english new year and tamil new year by offering coconut, fruits and clothes.It is called thirupadi pooja.Thiruchathai archanai is conducted for devotees who suffer by enemies.This temple is lord murugan's 4 th padai veedu.

Buses are available from kumbakonam to this temple regularly.

Jan 15, 2014

Girivalam for separated couples

This method of Girivalam is prescribed for

1) Separated couples who are longing for a union
2)Worshippers of Shakthi who are in need of blessings of shakthi
3)People who want to get relief from unknown troubles
4)People who are affected by blood related problems
5)People who want to get relief from house/flat related problems
6)Unmarried people who are having sevvai dosham
7)People who are longing for a child
8)People who want the blessings of idaikkattu siddhar

One should come girivalam for atleast on seven days on the below mentioned dates starting at 2.45 pm.





























































Method of girivalam:

People who go girivalam for the above mentioned reasons on the above mentioned dates should start girivalam by praying at twin pillayar temple at 2.45 pm. In front of east gopuram one should mention his wish to lord shiva and must pray there.Then he should start girivalam and should not speak any thing during girivalam.There is no need of fasting or mantra japam.One should finish the girivalam in poothaperumal temple. After girivalam one should  go to his home directly without visiting any place or any other temple or house.

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Jan 13, 2014

Cow worship for having a child

During prathamai tithi, married couples who are childless should select a cow which had given birth to several calfs.The old cow's foot soil and foot soil of the first calf of the old cow should be taken and should be placed in a lamp made of clay in pooja room. Worshipping this foot soil daily will solve childless problem.

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Jan 12, 2014

Aditya Hirudayam for getting Government job

Aditya Hirudayam is a song provided by sage agasthiar to lord sri ram for getting the blessings of sun.This song provides courage, victory, punya and long life.People who are trying for government job can try this method.

1.People who want to try this procedure must avoid non veg for life.
2.This procedure should be started in sun hora on sundays, or on  stars like krittiga, uttirai and uttiradam.
3.first one has to light 2 lamps.
4.Then pray kuladeva, lord ganapathy and one's favourite god and lord sun in standing position.
5.Then sit on a towel and recite aditya hirudayam 3 times.
6.This procedure should be recited for 16 sundays.
7.On last sunday, payasam sweet made of  wheat should be offered to sun.Only sugarcane sugar should be added to this.
8.This will bring blessings of sun in getting a government job.

Thanks to aanmeegachudar blog which had provided this procedure in tamil. 

Jan 10, 2014

Importance of Goat pictures in temples

There is a special relationship between goats and siddhars. Goats have the capability of finding jeeva samadhi of siddhars.If there is any goat picture in a wall of a temple, it is an indication of regular siddha presence there. If one drinks milk of goat regularly, he will get special knowledge in aanmeegam.

During prathamai tithi which comes next to full moon or amavasai,temples or places where siddhars, yogis have left their body, special blessing powers will be produced.  

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Jan 8, 2014

Shanmuganathar temple - Kundrakudi

Lord muruga can be seen with sri valli and deivanai in a peacock in most of the temples.Only a single peacock will be there as a vehicle for all of them.But one can see lord muruga, sri valli and deivanai on separate peacocks in a place called kundrakudi.


Kundrakudi kavadi is so special as people offer it as a form of prayer for solved problems in health issues.Milk pot is offered to lord muruga as an offering.Silver forms representing human parts are offered to lord muruga for health issues. Salt and milagu are poured n saravanapoigai pond and idumban temple for skin problems.  Spices representing navagraga are offered by farmers for abundance production in agriculture.Kundrakudi is called Mayilmalai.  

This temple is situated at a distance of 10 kms from karaikudi.

Jan 6, 2014

Benefits of coming around navagraga planets

By coming around navagraga daily 27 times, by donating spices which belong to navagraga as a mixed powder to ants willl remove money problems.

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Jan 3, 2014

Song for getting blessings of Goddess Saraswathi

Goddess Saraswathi  is called as Kalaimagal in tamil.She will be having scripture in one hand, sandal beads  in another hand, Veena in another hand.Whoever pray to goddess saraswathi will get victory in getting good knowledge, music knowledge and mantra prayers.

Sagalakalavalli maalai is the song written by kumara gurubarar swamigal which will get blessings of Goddess Saraswathi.This will help people in getting her blessings.

1.One should leave eating non vegetarian food  permanently before starting this procedure.
2.One should start reciting Sagalakalavalli maalai on Wednesday,Aswini star or navami tithi
3.One should start by lighting two lamps using castor oil facing north side before Goddess Sarawathi in        temple .
4.Then one should face west side and should recite sagalakalavalli maalai 9 times.
5.Then one should return home and should light two lamps and recite the song 9 times.
6.Lamps should be lighted compulsorily.
7.Then one should recite it 1 time a day for  48 days .
8.On the first and last day one should offer sugar rice, lemon rice or tamarind rice to goddess saraswathi.
9.This will bring goo knowledge, good reading and writing power in various languages, good music knowledge, and victory in competitions.

Go here for reading Sagalakalavalli maalai in tamil in aanmeegachudar blog.

Jan 1, 2014

Benefits of reciting songs like sivastagam

During astami reciting sri krishnastagam. sri bairavastagam, dhakshinamurthy astagam, sivastagam will bring great benefits to the family.These songs are in format of 8 lines and are very powerful when recited properly which provide protection for a family.

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for reading sivastagam in tamil go here.


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