Pamban swamigal song for removing kalasarpa dosha

The above picture shown is thuvitha naga bantham written by sri pamban swamigal.This song is used to cure ragu, ketu dosha and kalasarpha dosha. should stop eating non vegetarian food permanently before starting this procedure.
2.Print the above picture and keep it pooja room.
3.One may start reading this song on aswini, magma, moolam, thiruvathirai, swathi and moolam stars.
4.One may start on Tuesday, karthigai or visagam star or shasti tithi in a murugan temple. has to recite the song first in murugan temples for 27 times.
6.After that one has to recitethe song 27 times dailyin home.
7..Before starting to recite the song one has to light two lamps containing castor  oil, mahua  oil, ghee, coconut oil, Sesame oil. The thread should be made of  banana tree middle truk and cotton. Two threads should be used daily while lighting lamps. Two lamps should be lighted in this way.

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