Pamban swamigal song for removing pithru dosha

Pamban swamigal had blessed a song called Thiruviramechuram for removing pithru dosha.

1.One should stop eating non vegetarian food permanently before starting this procedure.
2.One should start reciting thiruviramechuram song in murugan temple on Tuesdays, krithigai star, visagam star, shasti tithi, amavasai tithi.
3.After that one has to come to house and should recite 8 times.
4.After that one has to recite it in house daily 1 time.Before starting to recite the song , one should light lamp consisting castor  oil, mahua  oil, ghee, coconut oil, Sesame oil. The thread should be made of  banana tree middle truk and cotton.Two threads should be made as one and should be used daily while lighting lamps.Two lamps should be lighted daily.
5.During amavasai days, cows should be offered agasthi keerai, banana, rice and vellam and sesame rice.

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