Balasubramanyar temple - Seelanayakanpatti

Lord muruga and sage sri agasthiar has divine relations like a guru-disciple relationship  as lord muruga had teached several divine things to the great sage.A temple of lord muruga in salem town is very famous as sage agasthiar had written tamil vocabulary called agathiyam.


Sri chakra devi with yantras can be worshipped here which is near sage agasthiar statue. Sadasivam who is above lord siva, lord vishnu and lord bramma can be worshipped here. Several siddhars had lved here in ancient times as it is mentioned in papanasa puranam. Adisakthi Balathiripurasundari who is above sadasivam can be worshipped here. People worship lord muruga for good business.  

This temple is situated near seelanayakkanpatti bypass at a distance of 4 kms from salem.


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