Balasubramanya swamy temple - Kabilarmalai

Usually a temple is closed on three sides and only one way is opened so that cosmic energy flows continuously giving benefits to people visiting the temple. In a murugan temple situated in a hill, on the back side of lord muruga, air flows through a  hole which is made naturally helping lamps to give light continuously.


People worship lord muruga for birth of a child.People offer milk abhisegam, milk pot, and kavadi after fulfillment of wishes.Near uchipillyar temple at the top a specific pooja place where pooja is daily conducted for kabilamaharishi, a sage who had installed lord murgan idol can be seen. A pond called kabilar theertham can also be found.  

This temple is situated at a distance of 28 kms from namakkal to jedarpalayam via paramathi vellore.


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