Palaniyappar Temple - Belukuruichi

Murugan can be seen in different forms in different places.In a temple lord murugan can be seen and worshipped in the form of a hunter.

 Lord murugan here can be seen as a hunter here when we look straight, as a man when we look from right side and as a women when we look from left side.This is a speciality.People after bathing in yaanai paali theertham pray to lord muruga here for getting remedy from skin allergies, bone problems and childless problems.People who practice yogasana can pray this lord muruga to get excellent results.During tamil month of chithirai, special pooja is conducted as it is believed siddhars worship lord muruga here on that day.

This temple is situated in a place called kollimalai hills in namakkal district.One has to travel to belukurichi from namakkal.From there kollimalai hills is 4 kms away. 


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