Balasubramanyar temple - Mohanur

Generally married women pray to lord muruga for a child which has his qualities of self confidence, knowledge and beauty as he is praised as the handsome god in tamil language in  several songs.A temple in mohanur near namakkal is famous for this.


People who are affected by sevvai dosham offer prayers to lord muruga here to remove the ill effects of planet mars by offering yellow clothes and sevvarali flowers.People who have nachathira dosha which is caused by birth in which more than one have the same star in their birth chart in one family pray here to remove the ill effects caused by it.

During full moon day, padi pooja, offering pooja to steps of temple is conducted here.108 sangu abhisegam is conducted for sri bairavar here during theipirai ashtami.

Outside the temple in a small hill, idumba who is the guard of murugan temples can be worshipped and vallaba vinayagar who is a special one can be seen here.  


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