Subramaniyar temple - Marungur

In most of the murugan temples, lord murugan can be seen on peacock.But in a place called marungur in kanyakumari district in tamilnadu, lord murugan can be seen on a horse.


According to sthala puranam, a horse which prayed to lord siva for removal of sins was asked to worship lord muruga.As instructed, the horse worshipped lord muruga for its welfare. Lord murugan has been worshipped as lord siva, bramma and vishnu during kandha shasti.

For little children, festival for giving first rice food after birth was conducted here and is so famous.Six types of rices are cooked and offered to lord muruga specially during this festival.

This temple is situated at a distance of 10 kms from nagerkovil vadacheri bus stand.


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