Kumaraswamy temple - Sri valli marriage

Lord murga has six main temples as arubadai veedu. Like those temples one temple which may be considered as a main temple is in kumara kovil in kanyakumari district.


Lord muruga had married sri valli according to the sthala puranam in this place.Lord muruga is 10 feet in height.People pray lord muruga for cure of diseases, problems in marriage, child birth, education and mental peace. 

After fulfillment of wishes people offer their hair to lord muruga here.People offer pongal, santhana kappu, milk abhisegam, panchamirtha abhisegam, lighting ghee lamps, carrying milk pot for lord muruga after fulfillment of wishes.

This temple is located  near kerala border.This temple is on the route of nagerkovil to thakkalai.


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