Aug 14, 2013

Subramanya swamy temple - Kundrathur

In most of the temples, lord murugan can be seen alone or with sri valli and theivanai. But in one place one can see only lord muruga standing straight to him,or can see valli or theivanai if one moves right or left.Such speciality can be seen in kundrathur murugan temple in kanchipuram.


People who are having problems in marriage come here to worship lord muruga along with sri valli and theivanai.Devotees offer new clothes, thirukalyanam and special abhisegam after fulfillment of wishes.

Vanchuli vinayagar can be worshipped in middle of hillway on the way to murugan temple.This temple is north faced temple as it is rare to see both sri valli and theivanai with lord muruga in this direction.

From chennai tambaram the distance is 16 kms and direct buses are available from chennai parris corner.     

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