Aug 2, 2013

Balathandayuthapani temple - Andavarmalai

In some temples like vaitheesswaran kovil, medicine will be given in the form of prasadam to devotees so that diseases will get cured.In some murugan temples, people who are affected by diseases stay there and pray to lord muruga when there is no more hope. One such temple is balathandauthapani swamy temple in gobi near erode.


Murugan kovil where lord muruga is worshipped as balathandauthapani swamy in gobi is also called andavarmalai. Naturally there are 3 murugan temples in 3 hills in gobi. In pachaimalai, murugan is worshipped as balamurugan, in pavalamalai, murugan is worshipped as muthukumaraswamy and in andavarmalai, lord muruga is worshipped as balathandauthapani swamy. People stay here to get cure of problems when there is no hope of getting cure.

This temple is situated in gobi to sathyamangalam route near palayavalliyampalayam road at a distance of 3 kms from there on south direction.

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