Jul 5, 2013

Vetrivel Murugan temple - Cuddalore

In some temples, prasadam which consists of medicinal herbs will be distributed for after  pooja. In a murugan temple near cuddalre in c.manampatti, pepper rice is given as prasadam for devotees for curing illness.


Betel leaf and water which is offered to lord murugan in pooja is given to devotees who are having problems in marriage  near the entrance of the temple.Devotees are asked to wash their face with the given betel leaf and are asked to worship lord murugan. This worship is called as "vetrilai valibadu" in tamil.

Three lemon and turmeric are offered for lord murugan for pooja by childless couples.After pooja, lemon and turmeric are returned to them.Couples have to make lemon juice and should drink it.Turmeric was then used by childless women among couples during bath.This is a ritual followed here.

From chidambaram, buses which go to mudasalodai  go through this temple.

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