Jul 8, 2013

Muthukumaraswamy Temple - Parangipettai

Lord murugan with 6 faces is very special as 5 faces of murugan is in front side and 1 face of murugan in back side.This six faced murugan can be seen in parangipettai in cuddalore district.


Honey which is used for abhisegam during krittigai star for chathrusamhara trisithi pooja with separate food and garlands for each six faces was given as prasadam here.During first sunday of tamil month of karthigai, 108 sangabhisegam is conducted .Lord siva  and amman visalatchi were  worshipped for getting back lost job and lost materials.New clothes and sugar rice are offered to siva and amman.Bairavar worhip is conducted on amavasai. Nagaraja here is worshipped for naga dosha and kalathira dosha.

This is the temple where babaji's father worshipped as preiest. Babaji's temple can be seen in near by place which is the origination place of Babaji.

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