Jun 24, 2013

Sri velayutha swamy temple - Chencheri

Purvapanyam is very important for any one and it is indicated by 5 th house in one's astrology chart.There is a murugan temple in a place called chencheri near coimbatore where people come here and worship  him for purva punya problems.


For starting new business and fixing marriage people come here and ask permission for lord muruga through a ritual called "pookettal".Devotees pray to lord muruga by fasting on sasti tithi and lighting ghee lamps for child problems.

People who have purva punya problems worship lord muruga on 11 full moon days by offering lotus flower and pomgranate fruits along with ghee lamps.

Dircet buses are available form tirupur and distance is 20 kms and this temple is situated on the road of tirupur to pollachi as one to go further 4 kms from chencheri junction.

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