Jun 26, 2013

Kolanchi appar temple - Manavanallur

In some temples, people write their honest wishes to come true addressing lord of the temple.After fulfillment of their wishes people remove it from the list of letters.A murugan temple situated in viruthachalam in cuddalore district is famous such that devotees write their honest wishes addressing lord muruga and remove it by paying an amount calculating the distance from their home.


Lord muruga is a suyambu here.Devotees here write a letter to lord muruga on a white sheet including their name, place and honest wish to be fulfilled.The letter is placed under the feet of lord muruga and archanai is offered and vipoothi will  be given.Devotees tie it to lord muruga's armoury in muniyappar temple. Distance from home to temple is calculated and amount per km will be collected and submitted to the temple as "padipanam".Wishes will come true in 90 days.After fulfillment of wishes, cancellation amount is paid to the temple.   

This temple is situated in viruthachalam at a distance of 2 kms from viruthachalam in manavanallur.



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