Jun 28, 2013

Sivasubramaniaswamy Temple - Villudayanpattu

One can see lord Rama with bows and arrows in temples in most of the places all over india. But in a place called villudayanpattu in cuddalore district of tamilnadu, one can see lord murugan with bow.


Lord muruga here is a suyambu murthi. Devotees worship lord muruga with bow for problems in marriage,  education and birth of a child. New clothes and special abhisegam are offered.Specially slippers for lord muruga are donated as prayer.

This temple is situated  near neyveli in cuddalore district.Buses are available from neyveli.

Jun 26, 2013

Kolanchi appar temple - Manavanallur

In some temples, people write their honest wishes to come true addressing lord of the temple.After fulfillment of their wishes people remove it from the list of letters.A murugan temple situated in viruthachalam in cuddalore district is famous such that devotees write their honest wishes addressing lord muruga and remove it by paying an amount calculating the distance from their home.


Lord muruga is a suyambu here.Devotees here write a letter to lord muruga on a white sheet including their name, place and honest wish to be fulfilled.The letter is placed under the feet of lord muruga and archanai is offered and vipoothi will  be given.Devotees tie it to lord muruga's armoury in muniyappar temple. Distance from home to temple is calculated and amount per km will be collected and submitted to the temple as "padipanam".Wishes will come true in 90 days.After fulfillment of wishes, cancellation amount is paid to the temple.   

This temple is situated in viruthachalam at a distance of 2 kms from viruthachalam in manavanallur.

Jun 24, 2013

Sri velayutha swamy temple - Chencheri

Purvapanyam is very important for any one and it is indicated by 5 th house in one's astrology chart.There is a murugan temple in a place called chencheri near coimbatore where people come here and worship  him for purva punya problems.


For starting new business and fixing marriage people come here and ask permission for lord muruga through a ritual called "pookettal".Devotees pray to lord muruga by fasting on sasti tithi and lighting ghee lamps for child problems.

People who have purva punya problems worship lord muruga on 11 full moon days by offering lotus flower and pomgranate fruits along with ghee lamps.

Dircet buses are available form tirupur and distance is 20 kms and this temple is situated on the road of tirupur to pollachi as one to go further 4 kms from chencheri junction.

Jun 22, 2013

Simple Siddhar remedy for Saturn problems

1.Take a handful of raw rice
2.Grind it using mixer
3.Go to nearby vinayagar temple
4.Worship sun on east.
5.Worship Lord vinayagar and come round 3 times.
6.Place the raw rice around the temple as ants will take it away.Doing this on Saturdays every week will provide great relief.

Thanks to tamil specials blog.

Jun 21, 2013

Velayutha swamy Temple - Medicinal hill

There is a hill near coimbatore where lord murugan resides in a temple at the top of the hill which contains lot of medicinal plants.Arock where lord muruga's feet can be found is worshipped first here as he stepped here first before palani .This temple is said to be 1000 years old.


Lord Muruga's feet on the rock is very special as pooja is held first here.Devotees offer special abhisegam and new clothes for Lord murugan  for solving marriage problems and child related problems.

From coimbatore to pollachi road, kinathukadavu is situated at a distance of 20 kms which is well connected by buses from coimbatore and pollachi. 

Jun 19, 2013

Subramanya swamy temple - Anuvavi

In some places where temples are situated in hill side, there will be some places where water is produced  any time even in hard dry seasons and even across hundreds of years.One such place where murugan temple   which is a suyambu have a place water comes out across centuries.


People worship lord muruga for 5 tuesdays for solving problems related to birth of a child.People come here and take bath before sunrise for skin related problems.People who are having difficulty in getting married offer new mangalyam and clothes and conduct thirukalyanam for getting blessings of lord muruga.

From coimbatore one has to travel in a bus which goes to aanaikatti and have to get down at anuvavi  bus stop and have to go further 2 kms to reach the temple.

Jun 17, 2013

Swaminatha swamy Temple - Kumaran kottam

Lord murugan has six main temples called Arubadai veedu.They are Thiruparankundram, Thiruchendur, Palani, Thruthani, Swamimalai and Solaimalai.In every temple murugan can be seen in different direction in a different pose.All these things can be seen in just one place called kumaran kottam in coimbatore with the same specialities.


Temple is in white colour indicating purity.Arubadai veedu murugan can be seen in separate temples.Saravan Poigai can be seen here.Kasi vviswanathar and visalatchi can be worshipped in this temple.People pray for education which is the source of light anytime for all.Navagraga here can be seen in one single rock as this is a special one.

This temple is situated at a distance of 16 kms from coimbatore on coimbatore to thirupur route which connects trichy.

Thanks to jaghamani's blog.

Jun 14, 2013

Othimalai andavar Temple - siddhar bogar

In some temples, before starting any new venture indian people have the habit of asking divine's permission by picking a flower among two types of flowers spreaded before the main deity of the temple.Such a divine thing is conducted in a murugan temple situated in coimbatore district.


Devotees worship lord murugan with five faces called kavunchavedhamurthi for getting good education.Divine permission is asked by a process called "varam kettal" by picking a flower among two flowers before starting any new thing.Siddhar bogar had conducted a special yagnam here and sand here is a special one in white colour.

This temple is situated in a place called irumborai.Irumborai is situated at a distance of 10 kms from puliyampatti which is on the way of coimbatore to sathiamangalam at 48 th km.

Thanks to othimalai murugan blog

Jun 12, 2013

Kalyana kanthaswamy temple - Madipakkam

"SARAVANABHAVA" is lord murugan's mantra and a temple in madipakkam in chennai is built as devotees worship lord muruga by going through 6 steps.


People offer thilabathma thanam which consists sesame seeds and lotus flower to planet mars here for avoiding bad effects of sevvai dosham. Pooja for steps on the way to worship lord muruga  are specially worshipped and this is called as "padi poojai".

This temple is situated in madipakkam balaya garden in chennai.

Jun 10, 2013

Swaminatha swamy Temple - Kandasramam

A murugan temple which is having lord shiva as ashta sagasralingam along with 1007 small lingams is situated in a place called kandasramam in chennai.Lord ayyapan made of panchaloga can be worshipped here specially here.The temple is called as swaminatha swamy temple.


People worship lord muruga for getting rich and lord sarabeswarar for victory over enemies.Panchamuga anjaneyar, pratyangira devi, sudharsana murthi, lakshmi narasimmar, tatattreyar are here in this temple.Daily yagam is conducted every morning from 9.15 to 11.15 in prayatingira devi temple.cow pooja is conducted every  morning at 7 am.In eveing 4.30 to 5.30 durga sapthasathi parayanam is also conducted.

This temple is situated on the way from tambaram to velachery and one has to get down at camp road bus stop to reach the temple.

Jun 7, 2013

Balasubramanyar Temple - Kumarankundram

In some murugan temples situated in hills, way to the temple is through steps built in ancient periods and during special festival days, these steps are worshipped as a mark of respect.One such temple is balasubramanyar temple in kumarankundram near chrompet in chennai.During birth of tamil new year on chithirai first day special pooja is performed for 120 steps here.


Lord muruga is facing north direction here and is called as "iswarya murugan".People worship him for marriage and child related problems.Sarabeswarar has separate temple here.Special pooja is offered during ragu kalam.

From chennai tambaram this temple is situated at a distance of 4 kms near chrompet. 

Jun 5, 2013

Vadapalani andavar Temple - Chennai

Palani is the most famous murugan temple situated near kodaikanal. People who cannot go such a long distance can visit a  murugan temple in chennai situated in a place called vadapalani. Lord  murugan temple here is constructed by three saints called as annasamy thambiran, rathinasamy thambiran and bhagyalinga thambiran.


Planet mars has separate temple here as murugan represent mars. Lord murugan can be seen with chappals only here.People worship lord murugan here for Family welfare, marriage and birth of a child.People offer their head hair and money after fulfilment of their wishes.

This temple is situated at the heart of chennai city and all the parts of chennai has been connected well by metropolitan buses. 

Jun 3, 2013

Kantha Swamy Temple - Kanthakottam

Lord muruga who is called in different names like karthikeyan,kanthan, kanthaswamy represent planet mars can be worshipped in some hill places as a suyambu.In some places his devotees had built temples as ordered by him.One such place is in chennai, kumarakottam called as kanthaswamy Temple.


Komatha pooja is special in this murugan temple.People offer fruits, green vegetables for getting relief from diseases and for iswaryam. Vellam, a sweet made of sugarcane is poured and mixed with water in saravanapoigai pond here for getting relief from tumours and skin problems.On tuesdays, special panneer abhisegam is conducted. Arugampul flowers are offered to lord vinayaga here for  solving family problems.

This temple is situated near chennai central railway station at a five minute distance near parris corner.   

Jun 2, 2013

Have a Break

As this is summer every one had gone to tourist destinations on vacation.New posts will be posted from this week.Have a break.


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