May 1, 2013

Yoga Narasimmar Temple - Sholingar

Lord Narasimmar can be found usually in an aggressive posture in most of the temples.Some temples have him in an yoga stage.A temple situated in Cholingar in vellore district is very special as Lord Narasimmar and Anjaneyar can be seen in Yoga stage in separate hills.This is one of the 108 divyadesams.


Lord Narasimmar and Sri Anjaneyar can be worshipped in Yoga stage as it is very rare dharshan for any one. Problems caused by unknown evils can be avoided if one worships Lord Narasimmar. It is believed Brammahathi dosha is removed if one takes bath in Narasimma Theertham here according to Sthala Puranam. Devotees offer food to people here as this place is considerably providing punya as Gaya.  

Amman here is called as Amirthavalli.This temple is situated in Vellore to Tiruthani route.

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