May 31, 2013

Ragunayaka Temple - Ayothi

Ayothi is the place where Lord rama's story begins and ends.It is the same place he and his brothers lakshmana, Bharahta and chathrukanan had taken birth and in sarayu river which is 6 kms away from ayothi they had breathed their last breath.This place is a very important place having so much of purvapunyam.


Lord Rama along with Devi sita and Brothers along with Hanuman and garudan can be worshipped for removing any sins of previous births.Writing sri ramajeyam and reciting rama nama will bring immense benefits.Thulasi malai is offered for sri rama.Worshipping Lord Rama's birth chart by keeping it and doing  pooja  regularly will bring so much punya for a family.

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