May 10, 2013

Prahaladavaraadan Temple - Nava narasimmamurthy

Narasimmar is a aggressie form taken by lord narayanan to save his disciple pragalada.In every perumal temple there is a narasimmar temple insisde it.Nine forms of narasimmar can be worshipped in a place  called agobilam in andhrapradesh state of india.


This temple is the only temple having nine narasimmars in a hill. 3 temples are below the hill.They are
  • Barkava Narasimmar (represent sun)
  • Yogananda Narasimmar(represent saturn)
  • Chakravada Narasimmar(represent ketu)
6 temples are above in hills.They are

Agobila Narasimmar (represent jupiter)
Varaga Narasimmar (represent ragu)
Malola Narasimmar (represent venus)
Juwala Narasimmar (represent mars)
Pavana Narasimmar (represent mercury)
Kaarancha Narasimmar (represent moon))

Jayasthambam which is a statue made of single stone which is 85 feet in height is special here.People pray here for fulfillment of wishes regarding victory over enemies Lord perumal is called pragalada varadan and agobila narasimmar.Amman is called as Amirtthavalli and Sri Lakshmi.

More details about the temple here

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